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Buy Spa Online !!TOP!!

We strongly recommend that you schedule Crystal Spa appointments prior to your arrival. Reservations are subject to availability and must be guaranteed with a credit card. Book your appointment by calling 888-968-7686 ext. 7200 or reserve online.

buy spa online


For your convenience, Carnival offers pre-purchase of spa treatments prior to the start of your cruise. More than 30 different treatments are available for pre-purchase including acupuncture services, soothing massages and Elemis advanced facials, invigorating detoxification wraps and slimming treatments. Hairstyling, hair cutting and coloring, eye brow shaping and waxing services are not offered for pre-purchase online.Once your booking is fully deposited and you have registered on, you will be able to view pricing and details and book spa treatments. From Manage My Booking, My Cruise Manager, simply click on 'Spa & Salon Services'. Only spa services relevant to your cruise will be displayed. Pricing for spa treatments may vary depending on the appointment time. Certain services may be offered at value pricing during the time the ship is in port.To purchase a spa treatment, select the treatment of your choice.The price is locked in at the time of pre-purchase. Full credit card payment is due upon completion of the order process at 'Check Out' via a secure encrypted reservations portal. No checks or any other form of payment can be accepted. Once the spa treatment is purchased, you are provided with a printable spa treatment order summary with details on the specific treatment and appointment time.

Pre-purchase of spa treatments is available up to 3 days prior to sailing. After the online pre-purchase cut-off, you may purchase spa treatments once on board your cruise. Due to availability, we strongly suggest that guests take advantage of ordering their spa treatments in advance in order to avoid disappointment once on board.Please Note: Guests must be at least 18 years of age to reserve spa treatments online. Reservations made by underage guests are subject to cancellation. In order to pre-purchase a spa treatment, a valid U.S address is needed; guests with international addresses will not be able to book online. Guests must accept Spa 'Terms and Conditions' in order to pre-purchase spa services. Cloud 9 Spa, Spa Carnival and Salons are open 8:00am-10:00pm.

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Piquadro, as Parent Company, in order to better rule the Group's strategies and implement the company business efficiently and effectively, has decided to aggregate and unify the administrative management and the commercial and marketing management, both with regard to offline and online activities performed through websites and e-commerce platforms.

Your gift card is activated once it is funded. For example, if you purchased your gift card in person, your card is active since it was funded at the time of purchase. When you order your gift card online, it will arrive already activated. 041b061a72


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