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Rent To Buy Hertz Car Sales

Currently we sell cars in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

rent to buy hertz car sales

Used vehicles were previously part of the Enterprise rental fleet &/or an affiliated company's lease fleet or purchased by Enterprise from sources including auto auctions, customer trade-ins or from other sources, with a possible previous use including rental, lease, transportation network company or other use. Photo for illustration only.

Hertz Car Sales consists of a network of 80 company-operated vehicle sales locations throughout the U.S. dedicated to the sale of used vehicles from our rental fleet consisting of non-program vehicles, as well as program vehicles that become ineligible for manufacturer repurchase or guaranteed depreciation programs. Vehicles disposed of through our retail outlets allow us the opportunity for ancillary vehicle sales revenue, such as warranty and financing and title fees.

The answer is that there may be. Quoting a different company (Avis) Consumer Reports says that, on average, cars are rented between 55-65 times each year (see video below). Also, the same source informs us that, in general:

Yes, to the extent that their lending partners do. Like with practically all kinds of auto sales, Hertz Car Sales lets you apply for credit with them, and partners with well-known lenders to help find you a loan. Here are some of their partners:

Interestingly, this guy suggests that many rental companies are self-insured, and may have repaired cars themselves without it going through insurance. For that reason, according to him, damage and repairs may not appear on a VIN lookup or vehicle history report.

So as you can see, buying from Hertz Car Sales (or buying used rental cars in general) has plenty of pros and cons. I personally would be quite nervous with these kinds of auto sales, and would be more inclined if the price was really, really good.

Mention that you are thinking of buying a former rental car and the response is predictable: Rental cars have been abused and you'd be crazy to buy one. But should you really steer clear of these vehicles? Or could a former rental car be solid, dependable transportation?

The oft-cited abuse of rental cars might be true in a few cases. But there are other factors that offset that argument. Rental companies maintain their cars well and closely follow the service schedules. And because the rental car agencies buy vehicles in volume and pay less up front, their resale prices can be lower.

Check on recalls. Since June 2016, rental car companies have been required to fix any recalled cars in their fleets. The vehicle history report should show whether there are any outstanding recalls, but it doesn't hurt to check yourself by running the vehicle identification number (VIN) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's free recall site. If there turns out to be an outstanding recall, you can ask the seller to get the car fixed or move on to another vehicle.

EDMUNDS SAYS: Consider shopping at a rental car lot the next time you're in need of a good used car. The streamlined sales process and lower prices may be enough to offset the downsides of high mileage and history of many drivers.

With Avis Car Sales, you can feel confident that you're buying a car rental at a great value and a fair price. All vehicles listed on this site are best-value used cars, priced below market value (based off Kelley Blue Book Typical List Price) with a no-haggle price tag guarantee. That means you can review product specifications, take the car for a test drive, and buy it without having to negotiate. Working with multiple financing companies, Avis Car Sales offers the best value for certified used cars. We think you'll appreciate this streamlined, customer-friendly shopping and buying experience and encourage you to get started today.*Vehicles that appear the same yet are priced differently may offer different trim packages, have higher or lower mileage and/or have more add-on features and equipment.

Hertz, perhaps the best-known rental car company in the world, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting drop off in business and leisure travel, the company unexpectedly must cut expenses, eliminate overhead, and restructure its debt. And that could be your chance to save $1,000 or more on a used-car purchase.

To give you some idea of the magnitude of Hertz' predicament, the company reported a net loss of $847 million in the second quarter. That means the company is a motivated seller of much of its current vehicle fleet. If you are looking for mainstream and luxury sedans, coupes, SUVs, and minivans that are two to five years old, Hertz' current woes could be a windfall for you.

Of course, the vast majority of Hertz vehicles were used in rental car service, which means that many of them have more-than-typical miles on them. At the same time, the vehicles were examined by Hertz personnel at the conclusion of each customer's rental use.

Hertz Car Sales currently operates nearly 90 locations throughout the country, so it is well-equipped to handle the increased volume of sales of its vehicle fleet. You can shop for a used car from Hertz at one of these locations, or you can shop online using the Hertz Used Car Sales website.

On the other hand, a long-term car rental is more like a month-to-month agreement. The total price goes up only if you choose to keep renting. You pick the start and end dates, and most rental companies are happy to help you extend your rental period. Avis allows long-term rental for up to 11 months.

There are a vast number of places you can find a used car. You can buy from a private party, a used car dealer, or a franchised new car dealer. Another option is buying a former rental car from the rental car company itself.

"We focus on high-quality one- to three-year vehicles, whether they be cars, trucks, SUVs," says Mike Bystrom, a Corporate Vice-President at Enterprise Car Sales. "Coming out of rental fleets, they're all very well equipped with in-demand, high-tech, high-end features. Because that's what the retail public is purchasing."

Because they're young, they're more likely to include advanced safety and driver-assistance features than older cars, such as automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control. If, for example, you're able to find a 2019 Toyota Camry that served in a rental fleet, you'll get all of those features and more.

The last thing a rent-a-car company such as Hertz, Avis, or Enterprise wants to happen is to have a rental customer stranded by a problem with their rented vehicle. They carefully maintain their fleets to ensure that doesn't happen. Since 2016, rental car firms have been required to ensure all open recalls are taken care of before renting out a vehicle.

Almost every major rental car company offers online search tools to help you find either a specific vehicle, or what cars, trucks, and SUVs are available in your area. On many sites, you can search by price, mileage, age, and even fuel economy. You can usually set a search radius, so you're not looking at cars that are too far away from your home.

Many used rental cars have lower price tags than you'll find from used car dealerships or even private parties. Some of the differences may come from their condition or mileage, but it also stems from the fact that rental car companies buy in high volume. As a result, they don't pay the same prices when they purchase their vehicles new as other buyers do. They can afford to sell them for less.

Most national rental car companies advertise no-haggle pricing for their cars. They simply want to sell them quickly and with little hassle. It is important, though, to make sure you're looking at the vehicle's full price, including any fees involved in the sale.

Many national car rental companies offer warranties on the vehicles they sell. Enterprise Car Sales, for example, provides 12 months or 12,000 miles of powertrain coverage. It starts the day you buy the car. Because of their young age, many rentals will still have some of the original manufacturer's warranty coverage remaining.

If the seller provides the coverage, you should note when the coverage starts and ends. Typically, a rental car company warranty isn't added to the end of the automaker's warranty; it starts the day you buy the car. Here's an example: We'll say you're buying a car with 31,000 miles on its odometer, a manufacturer's warranty that lasts until it reaches 36,000 miles, and a 12,000-mile powertrain warranty from the rental car company that sold you the car. The manufacturer's warranty will take you to 36,000 miles. Then, the rental company's warranty will cover you for the remaining portion of its 12,000 miles or until your car reaches 43,000 miles.

Most of the warranties provided by rental fleet companies are powertrain warranties. That means they only cover the parts of the car that get you moving, such as the engine, transmission, and differentials. They don't cover things such as infotainment systems, power windows, or climate control systems.

Cars that have only been owned by one person or company are typically worth more in the used car market than those passed from owner to owner. Nearly every vehicle sold by a rental car company is a one-owner car.

Rental car companies look at several factors when deciding whether to sell or retain a car. One of those is its mileage. A pre-owned rental car will often have more miles on its odometer than an equivalent privately owned vehicle. After all, nobody rents a vehicle to park it. 041b061a72


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