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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

SpyHunter Portable

after spyhunter has detected a spyware or a malware, it's able to detect and remove it easily. once it is detected, it does not even display the warning message that normally pops up at the time of the infection.

SpyHunter Portable

but spyhunter 5 is also a very stable and easy to use spyware removal tool, very quick and effective. spyhunter has a very friendly and easy to use user interface that allows you to clean your computer without any problems. the program has a very easy and quick uninstaller and a few advanced cleaning features such as a registry cleaner, an advanced spyware scan, and a file shredder. you can easily scan your system with the program's built-in spyware scanner, and you can uninstall all the suspicious files found.

some of the other features of the program include the ability to perform a full system scan, protection against spyware and adware, a file shredder, the ability to delete the system restore points, and the ability to block autostart and scheduled tasks. it also has an optional upgrade feature, which allows the program to improve its detection of new spyware. in fact, spyhunter 5 for the pc has become an essential tool for anti-spyware users. it scans your computer for spyware and removes it if found.

as spyhunter goes further into the spyware category, it will not automatically detect and remove spyware. instead, it will ask you to select an option, such as 'uninstall', 'scan', or 'perform full scan' before it can begin to remove the spyware. spyhunter is good for general system maintenance and for daily scanning, but it is not as good at detecting and removing spyware as some of the other programs.


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