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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Pretty Black Shemales ~UPD~

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Black stepbro enters the room of his shemale stepsister while shes changing clothes.After that,they start kissing each other on the bed and he lets her throat his big black cock passionately.In return,he fucks her wet tight ass so deep and hard.

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This story is a fantasy. All people in the story are at least 21 years of age and any resemblance to someone in real life is coincidental. It's about female domination, black domination, and mind control. Please go to another story if this isn't to your liking.

"Sure, Mr. Maxwell, please have a seat and I'll let her know you're here," the cute young Oriental lady said. David took a seat in the waiting area and opened up a magazine titled 'Leg Show'. His interest peaked because he had never seen such a publication before. It's theme was beautiful female legs in all kinds of poses and sexy attire. There were white women and black women and Oriental women in photos that depicted some of the most beautiful legs he had ever seen. David felt his dick getting aroused so he put the magazine down so he wouldn't be embarrassed when he met the interviewer.

"No thank you," both Ms. Cummings and David Maxwell said at the same time, causing a laugh from both of them. David was in awe of Ann Cummings' beautiful face. She looked like someone straight out of Ebony Magazine. And when she arose to greet him David saw her gorgeous body with legs as pretty as any of the women in the 'Leg Show' magazine he had just leafed through.

Wow, David thought, as he held out his hand to the fine looking black woman. She stood about 5'11", which was about two inches taller than him, and on high heels she looked to be about 6'2". She actually looked down at David, which was somewhat humbling for him, but those feelings quickly left him as he lustily admired the woman who was going to interview him.

David could hardly keep his eyes off her lovely legs and after a few minutes Ms. Cummings said to him, "Do you like what you see?" She had a smile on her pretty face and David felt awkward that he was caught checking her out. He thought for sure any chance of landing a job there was gone, and he was surprised when she told him to change seats and to sit down across from her desk where her gorgeous ebony legs were no longer visible. David figured that he blew any chance he had to get a job, but he also knew he had some great images in his mind for jerking off sessions in the future.

"How about Monday morning at nine? I can then show you around, get you acquainted with your people, show you where you'll be sitting. I think you will like the job and the people working with you. Any questions for now?" the black goddess said.

After helping him out of the car and into the house she sat him down on a chair in the living room. "What happened? I feel terrible. Did we have lunch?" he asked her. Even in that confused state he couldn't help but notice her great legs whenever she even slightly bent over to do something. It was obvious that he had been hypnotized first by the pill she put in his glass and then by the sight of her glistening legs. Her legs were so pretty they were hypnotic.

"You see, Dave, each of those three guys were once married to me. But to keep it legal I went to my lawyer friend, a black woman, and divorced them after just a few weeks of marriage. Those guys were all pretty well off financially and also had no attachments anywhere, so I was able to attach all their money and transfer it to my bank account. And any money coming to them in the future will also be mine. But isn't it nice of me to let them live here since they have nowhere else to go?" she teased. "I am a multi-billionaire with enough money to keep you four guys here as long as I wish. If you ever try to leave, which you won't thanks to these hypnotic legs I have, I would be able to find you and bring you back anyway. You will be getting a chip put in your body somewhere just like the other three and I will be able to find you very easily if you ever try leaving. No one would ever believe a story you might try to tell them so I will win and you will be punished. Isn't that nice?"

Before he got to the door, however, she told him to stop and come kneel before her. And he did! He knelt before the sexy black woman and bowed his head in homage. "Look at me!" she said. He looked up at her as she told him, "From now on I want you to call me Mistress Ann. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Anne," he said as he got on his knees in front of his owner goddess and pulled down her pretty panties. He was totally taken aback as out popped a gorgeous uncut 8 inches of beautiful brown cock! David just stared at it and wasn't sure what to do until Ann told him.

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