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Willy Paul's Murder: A Masterpiece or a Mistake? Download and Decide for Yourself

Download Willy Paul Murder: What You Need to Know

Willy Paul is one of the most popular and controversial artists in Kenya. He has been making headlines with his music, his collaborations, and his personal life. His latest song, "Murder", has sparked a lot of interest and debate among his fans and critics. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Willy Paul, his song "Murder", and how to download it.

Who is Willy Paul?

Willy Paul, whose real name is Wilson Abubakar Radido, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on September 1, 1993, in Mathare slums, Nairobi. He started singing at a young age in church choirs and later joined a gospel group called Saldido International. He rose to fame in 2010 with his hit song "Sitolia" featuring Gloria Muliro. Since then, he has released several albums and singles, such as "Tam Tam", "Njiwa", "Hallelujah", and "Collabo".

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His music career and awards

Willy Paul is known for his versatile and dynamic style of music, which ranges from gospel to secular, from afro-pop to dancehall, from reggae to bongo flava. He has collaborated with many local and international artists, such as Size 8, Bahati, Alaine, Nandy, Rayvanny, Harmonize, and Kelly Khumalo. He has also performed in various countries, such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States. He has won several awards and nominations for his music, such as Groove Awards, Mdundo Awards, Afrimma Awards, AFRIMA Awards, and Pulse Music Video Awards.

His controversies and scandals

Willy Paul is also known for his controversial and scandalous behavior, both on and off the stage. He has been accused of being arrogant, disrespectful, violent, and immoral by some of his fans, fellow artists, media personalities, and religious leaders. Some of the issues that have tarnished his reputation include:

  • His alleged feud with Bahati over the Groove Awards in 2014.

  • His alleged involvement in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Susan Mwaniki in 2019.

  • His alleged physical abuse of his collaborator Kelly Khumalo in 2021.

  • His alleged switch from gospel to secular music in 2021.

  • His alleged use of vulgar and explicit language in some of his songs.

What is Willy Paul Murder?

"Murder" is the title of Willy Paul's latest song, which was released on May 18, 2018. It is part of his album "The African Experience", which features artists from different African countries and genres. The song is a dancehall track that talks about love and passion. It features Nicole Mwaura on the vocals and DJ Sadic on the production.

The song and its lyrics

The song begins with Willy Paul singing in Swahili:

"Nimekuchagua wewe kama mpenzi wangu

Nakupenda sana na sitaki kukupoteza

Najua wengi wanatamani kuwa nawe

Lakini mimi ndiye niliyekuchagua

Nakupenda sana na sitaki kukupoteza"

This translates to:

"I have chosen you as my lover

I love you so much and I don't want to lose you

I know many want to be with you

But I am the one who chose you

I love you so much and I don't want to lose you"

The chorus then repeats the word "murder" several times, followed by Nicole Mwaura singing in English:

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"You're the only one who makes me feel this way

You're the only one who drives me insane

You're the only one who sets my heart on fire

You're the only one who takes me higher"

The rest of the song alternates between Willy Paul and Nicole Mwaura singing in Swahili and English, respectively. The lyrics express their intense feelings for each other and their desire to be together. They also warn their rivals not to interfere with their relationship, or else they will face the consequences.

The video and its message

The video of the song was directed by Sammy Dee and shot in Nairobi. It features Willy Paul and Nicole Mwaura as a couple who are deeply in love. They are seen in various scenes, such as a bedroom, a car, a club, and a rooftop. They are also surrounded by dancers who perform choreographed moves to the song. The video has a colorful and vibrant aesthetic, with bright lights, flashy outfits, and smoke effects.

The message of the video is to showcase the chemistry and passion between Willy Paul and Nicole Mwaura. It also portrays them as a powerful and confident couple who are not afraid to express their love. The video also hints at some of the challenges and dangers that they face, such as jealousy, betrayal, and violence. For instance, in one scene, Willy Paul is seen holding a gun and pointing it at someone who tries to harm Nicole Mwaura. In another scene, Nicole Mwaura is seen stabbing someone who tries to seduce Willy Paul.

The reactions and reviews

The song and the video have received mixed reactions and reviews from the public and the media. Some of the positive comments include:

  • "Willy Paul has done it again! This song is a banger!"

  • "Nicole Mwaura has a beautiful voice and she complements Willy Paul very well."

  • "The video is amazing! The visuals are stunning and the dance moves are on point."

  • "The song is catchy and addictive. I can't stop singing along."

Some of the negative comments include:

  • "Willy Paul has lost his way. This song is not gospel at all."

  • "Nicole Mwaura is just using Willy Paul for fame and money."

  • "The video is too violent and explicit. It promotes immorality and crime."

  • "The song is boring and repetitive. I can't stand it."

How to download Willy Paul Murder?

If you want to download Willy Paul Murder, you have two options: you can either use the official platforms or the alternative sources.

The official platforms and links

The official platforms are the ones that are authorized by Willy Paul and his record label, Saldido International. They are safe, legal, and high-quality. They also support Willy Paul and his music career. Some of the official platforms where you can download Willy Paul Murder are:




Apple Music



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