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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

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Because greater visibility fuels higher download totals, this effect multiplies. A book that performs particularly well with BookBub subscribers is more likely to gain above average traction elsewhere. For example, more BookBub downloads may lead to a higher retailer ranking, which in turn generates additional downloads. Furthermore, since free and steeply discounted promotions routinely drive the best subscriber response rates, those deals tend to be associated with higher halo effects in general.

Free Halo Ebook Downloads

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However, these results demonstrate that a BookBub promotion generates significant traction beyond the response it receives from our own subscribers. And while this effect is particularly strong in the case of free promotions, any discount that gains visibility is likely to see at least some additional bump. As a result, paying to promote a limited-time deal can lead to many benefits beyond a surge in discounted sales, including the elevated levels of exposure that the halo effect helps measure.


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