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Windows Xp Oryent Sp3 Fr

Even with glass windows that can let in more light, the solar heat gains can often be significant. The amount of solar heat gain can vary from 1000 to 3000 Btu/sf-hour depending upon the temperature difference between outside and inside, the reflection of the glazing and the building orientation. Solar heat gains are the key to cooling the home and as they involve the transfer of heat directly from the sun to a room, they are a primary component of cooling cost calculations.

windows xp oryent sp3 fr

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The greater the number of glass surface areas exposed to the sun, the greater the cooling load (heat gain) from sunlight. For example, an east or west glazed wall will have considerably more surface area exposed to direct sunlight than a south facing wall. This is especially true in the summer. The total energy used in cooling a house is equal to the square of the window area. For example, a house with 8 windows needs 2.8 kW of cooling at a given temperature to cool that space in the summer. But a house with 4 windows needs less, only 1.7 kW.

When selecting windows, consider climate where you live and plan for the most efficient, comfortable, convenient and energy-efficient windows. A 10-percent improvement in energy efficiency can reduce your energy bills by over 20 percent. Energy efficiency can include the windows and glass in a house, the size of the rooms and the appliances, as well as the heating and cooling systems and occupancy level. Insulating the home, using the best building materials, including glazing, is also an important component in energy efficiency.

The more glass surface area exposed to the sun, the greater the cooling load from sunlight. Each of the major types of windows has a given U-factor value that measures how well they absorb, reflect and transmit heat. Windows made with dark, thin insulated glass have superior U-factor values. U-factor values are based on a yearly heating and cooling cycle. Measuring how well a window protects from the sun is a little different.


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