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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

[S1E7] Can Of Worms

The worm removed from Bear is kept in a jar, and another is recovered from one of the scientists' bodies. Mulder, believing that the worms are extraterrestrial, wants them kept alive, but Scully feels they should be destroyed to prevent infection. The group check each other for black nodules and find none, although Mulder reminds Scully that the nodules disappeared from the dog over time. He wakes in the night and finds Murphy in the freezer with his throat cut; when the others arrive to see him standing over it, leading all of them, including Scully, to suspect he has become infected and killed Murphy. They lock Mulder in a storeroom.

[S1E7] Can of Worms

Scully discovers that two worms placed in the same host environment will kill each other. When they investigate by putting one worm into the infected dog, it recovers. Against Scully's objections and after trapping her in the freezer, Hodge and Da Silva try to put the other worm into Mulder. Hodge sees movement under Da Silva's skin and realizes she is the one infected as well as Murphy's killer. Da Silva breaks free and the rest pursue her through the outpost until Mulder and Scully restrain her, allowing Hodge to place the last worm inside her. After they are evacuated, Da Silva and the dog are quarantined and the others are released after showing no sign of infection. When Mulder declares he wants to return to the site, Hodge tells him that it has been destroyed by the government.[1][2]

For the worm effect, one member of the special effects department suggested putting a "baby snake" in a latex suit. After explaining that that couldn't be done, animal trainer Debbie Coe suggested using a "super mealworm" to achieve the desired effect.[14] The effect of the worms crawling in the host bodies was achieved with wires under fake skins, including a skin with hair for the dog.[6][14] Digital effects were used for scenes involving the worms swimming in jars and entering the dog's ear.[6] Although extra footage of the worm scenes was shot so they would last as long as intended if Fox's standards-and-practices officials asked for cuts, no edits were requested.[15] "Ice" was the first significant role in the series for makeup effects artist Toby Lindala, who become its chief makeup artist.[15] The dog used in the episode was a parent of Duchovny's dog, Blue.[16] Ken Kirzinger, who played one of the scientists killed in the episode's cold open, was the series' stunt coordinator.[17]

Digital Spy's Ben Rawson-Jones described the episode's stand-off between Mulder and Scully as "an extremely tense moment of paranoia."[31] A New York Daily News review called the episode "potent and creepy", and said that its plot "was worthy of honorary passage into The Twilight Zone".[32] Matt Haigh called it "an extremely absorbing and thrilling episode" on the Den of Geek website, noting its debt to The Thing,[33] and Juliette Harrisson called "Ice" the "finest" stand-alone episode of the first season.[34] On the TV Squad blog, Anna Johns called it "a spectacular episode" with an "excellent" opening.[35] UGO Networks called the episode's worms among the series' best "Monsters-of-the-Week" and the cause of "much pointed-guns aggression".[36] In, Meghan Deans compared the scene where Mulder and Scully inspect each other for infection to a similar scene in "Pilot"; in "Ice", both characters were equally vulnerable and (unlike the pilot scene) Scully was not portrayed as "an idiot".[37] Robert Shearman and Lars Pearson, in their book Wanting to Believe: A Critical Guide to The X-Files, Millennium & The Lone Gunmen, gave the episode five out of five stars. They called it "the most influential episode ever made", noting that the series reprised its formula several times during its run. Shearman felt that although their script was derivative, Morgan and Wong created "a pivotal story" by combining crucial themes from The Thing with a "well rounded" cast of characters.[38]

Speaking of, all of the Magisterium is going north as Father MacPhail shows up to take over from Marisa. While he wants to completely oust Marisa (I mean, she does keep failing), she worms her way back in, saying she can help since she knows Asriel better than anyone. MacPhail seems to concede, but makes one thing clear: Asriel needs to die.

What are we meant to take away from Mitch's decision to go have sex with Paola right after Alex leaves? What are we meant to take away from the fact that her slapping him turns him on? Obviously slapping is a thing that turns a lot of people on and it doesn't have to mean all that much, but in the context of this story, if you're going to suggest that Mitch wants to be punished by women as a gateway to intimacy, that's opening up an entire barrel of worms, so why is it being tossed into a scene as if it doesn't relate to the rest of the story? Is this supposed to be the climactic moment in this Italian romantic comedy? That being accused of targeting Black women is just the nudge he needs to fall in love? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

The campers gather outside near a worm-infested swimming pool, and it's Beth's turn to face her fear in order to complete the challenge. Beth shrugs and jumps into the pool, burying herself in the worms, even eating some of them. The Gophers lead 1-0. Lindsay and Sadie are taken to the main lodge after revealing that their greatest fear is bad haircuts, and Chris brings two wigs for them to wear. Owen grabs one and puts it on, doing a ballet dance before tripping and collapsing. Chris returns the wigs to the girls and places them on their heads. Izzy and Owen are taken to a yellow airplane, that looks like it's on the verge of falling apart, piloted by flight attendant Hatchet; when the plane flies haphazardly over the island, they both scream in horror.

As Motto moves to greet whoever is within, the hatch opens and reveals Grogu. Motto is delighted to see her young friend and asks if they taught him how to fly an X-wing. R2-D2 asks where Djarin is, to which Motto responds that he's not here, as he has a job in Mos Espa. Despite Artoo's protests, she pulls Grogu out to catch up and give him a snack, noticing that he's wearing chainmail beneath his robes. The droids bring Grogu some worms to eat.

Reign of FirewormsGeneral InformationNumber:7Season:Race to the Edge, Season 1Premiere Date:June 26, 2015Written By:Art BrownDouglas SloanDirected By:T.J. SullivanTranscript:Reign of Fireworms (transcript)ChronologyPreceded By:Succeeded By:"Gone Gustav Gone""Crushing It"GalleryThe image gallery for Reign of Fireworms may be viewed here.

Fishlegs and Meatlug begin an annual dragon census of the island. While counting the resting Night Terrors, a stray Fireworm suddenly lands on his map and burns through a hole. Fishlegs suspect the Fireworm just got lost, but later on, more and more Fireworms begin appearing on the island, and each time they land, they burn something.

The Riders are informed and suspect the Fireworms may be migrating, Fishlegs informs them that Fireworms do not migrate whole but first have to send scouts to check islands that act as their stop-over if the scouting Fireworms find it suitable for rest then the rest of the Fireworms may be here in a week. Snotlout decides to abandon and let the island burn to the ground, Hiccup refuses this and suggests they set up precautions to protect the island from burning.

At the Clubhouse, the Riders have done their work of bringing the supplies needed to prevent an inferno set by the Fireworms while Fishlegs have found a perfect evacuation site for the Night Terrors in a cave high and desolate enough to prevent the Fireworms from getting near them. The Riders await the Twins' return to find out what useful they've done, which the others are certain they've done nothing. On the contrary, the Twins return claiming they've done something but in no relation to the Fireworm situation, they inform them that they have found something 'awesome' and invite them to see it.

The Riders cannot accept what just happened, Snotlout recommends they just kill them, however, Hiccup suggests they let them be the rulers. Other than the fact that legally, they don't have a choice in the matter, he is certain that eventually, they'll realize how hard leadership is. The Riders reluctantly accept the experiment, meanwhile, more of the Fireworms begin landing on the island and are creating a small blaze of fire.

While doing their ridiculous tasks, the Riders are annoyed by the Twins crazy totalitarian leadership, where they send Astrid to the dungeon with the help of their sergeant-at-arms after Astrid ridicules and disrespect their laws. Fishlegs is then later on sent to the dungeon for failing to amuse Tuffnut's chicken with his poem. Meanwhile, the full migration of the Fireworms arrive on the island and almost immediately begins to burn the land they cover. With Astrid and Fishlegs in jail, they worry that danger is getting closer by the minute and Hiccup is their only hope to convince the Twins to deal with the situation.

As the Twins and Hiccup fly throughout the island, where Hiccup thinks they are concerned with all the destruction, in reality, they are only searching for a good place to build their summer home, and Ruffnut finds a good spot once all the Fireworms clear the area. The Twins ask Hiccup for any consideration, Hiccup first informs them to realize that if they throw everyone in jail there will be no one left to build their Summer Palace, and second is to make them realize that without any help from the others, Thorstonton will burn to the ground. The Twins sees that Hiccup has a point however the Twins discover that he's breaking the law as Toothless is flying as fast as Barf and Belch.

Consequently, they are both thrown into jail, and Snotlout is forced to throw himself in jail shortly after, claiming that he was 'framed'. The Riders have had enough and demand that they break out but Hiccup calms them down reassuring them that the Twins can't be that oblivious to the ensuing mayhem. Meanwhile, the Twins continue playing, but they finally realize the warnings Hiccup and the Riders were telling them all day, the Fireworms are now closing in on the clubhouse and the Twins instead continue to blame each other. 041b061a72


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