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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

[ ] ContaCam V9.0 Webcam IP CAM [CRACKED]

ContaCam is a video surveillance and live webcam tool. This application allows you to monitor and record from multiple video sources at the same time. It can be configured to start automatically with Windows and start recording. ContaCam can also run as a Windows Service. Service mode can record video even if a Windows user is not logged-in.

[ ] ContaCam v9.0 Webcam IP CAM

ContaCam is a free video surveillance software package that supports network IP cameras, USB webcams, DV cameras, and PCI, PCIe and USB capture devices. It allows real-time monitoring and recording of video feed, motion detection, capturing snapshots, etc.

Changes for v9.0.9 - v9.5.0- The daily summary video creation is now configurable under Camera Basic Settings- Fixed download problems for daily summary videos- Increased the download performance of thumbnails and videos - Updated the "Network / IP Camera" dialog to show also the assigned camera name in the "Camera IP or Address" drop down list- Support Sumpple RTSP cameras

Changes for v9.0.7 - v9.0.9- The web interface full screen live snapshot image can now be configured to either maintain the aspect ratio or to fully stretch- Do not adapt the frame time font size when the DPI changes, this because connecting through RDP can modify the DPI automatically- Possibility to display the system uptime in each frame- Updated internal web server to Apache 2.4.38 and PHP 5.6.40 with INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE patch discussed in PHP bug #77580 (Apache and PHP both with OpenSSL 1.0.2q)

Changes for v9.0.5 - v9.0.7- The web interface full screen image maintains the aspect ratio (not supported by IE)- Store the temporary daily summary snapshots in a subfolder- Removed the possibility to have "snapshot each" under 1 second

Changes for v7.7.0 - v9.0.0- ContaCam is now DONATIONWARE- Privacy mask option: removed detection zones can be obscured- Document tabs have got a close button- Simpler Camera Advanced Settings dialog- Dropped .avi video file support, always saving in .mp4 - Manual / continuous recording is now performed by the motion engine (it makes no sense to have a separate continuous recording engine)- Updated internal web server to Apache 2.4.34 and PHP 5.6.37 (both with OpenSSL 1.0.2o)- Using better random generators- Removed direct FTP support, command execution has been enhanced and examples are provided so that it's possible to upload with any command line tool- To enforce security removed the possibility to delete recordings from the web interface- Removed the possibility to hide the toolbars because they provide important commands not available elsewhere- Removed the possibility to hide the statusbar because it notifies about important issues like buffer shortage

Changes for v4.7.0 - v4.9.0- Added Internet Explorer 11 support - Added support for ACTi and some newer Intellinet ip cams - Global toolbar buttons for Browse and Browse Files commands - Motion scheduler has got a 'detection disabled and on' - The minimum font size for frame time, for detection indicator and for detection save/email/ftp progress is now configurable - Better support of OmniVision webcams - Fixed memory leak for cameras producing sort of unusual MJPG frames (thanks to Mitko for sending me the Neo NC-78 webcam) - Possibility to store temp files under the cameras root folder - Command is now executed when detection is confirmed by filter and not on first movement frame - First version especially optimized for Windows XP and higher - Dropped support for theora encoding because many modern players are not able to play avi files encoded in such a way

tinyCam Monitor is an Android app for remote surveillance/control for your private or public network/IP cameras, video encoders, DVRs, and webcams. Monitor your baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely. tinyCam Monitor provides best value to customers. See YouTube channel to find out how it works.

Camlytics is a smart camera monitoring software which features a free recording of the unlimited number of cameras (e.g. IP, CCTV, webcams, NVR, etc.), as well as people or car-counter, motion detection, and heat-map building capabilities.

CCTV, IP, NVR & webcam recording, video analytics, and heatmaps. People counting, car counting, motion detection, vehicle classification, camera events and alerts, motion heatmap, camera events chart and export. Video analytics API, camera events API

ContaCam là phần mềm giám sát an ninh, webcam live miễn phí cho Windows. Nói cách khác, ContaCam biến máy tính thành công cụ giám sát an ninh giúp bạn kiểm soát một không gian cụ thể thông qua máy tính của mình.


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