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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Diablo Ii Cinematics Disc Iso

if i'm not mistaken, level 7 has complete control of all cinematics in the game. this is not a game that lends itself to having the cinematics only playable by one specific set of players. it'd be like having the cutscenes only playable in english or only on the most expensive playstation.

Diablo Ii Cinematics Disc Iso

"diablo 2 is a seminal classic game. its addictive mix of combat, loot, and exploration transcended a genre, growing to be a real phenomenon. we set out to make a game that captures the style and essence of diablo 2, while adding a number of the features diablo 3 players expect. the result is a polished visual rebirth that is a huge step forward for the franchise, a reboot of the franchise that stays true to its roots, and a game that will be a great fit for anyone who enjoyed the original diablo ii. for those who never experienced diablo ii but have been following the game, the visual overhaul is a real treat for those accustomed to diablo's classic dark and shadowy look."

i follow the instructions - clicking on next in pol when it asks for the next disc, and so forth. i've attempted the full installation with all cinematics, and just the multiplayer install, which is everything but the cinematics. everything goes smoothly through the process of.. insert disc 1: install - works fine insert disc 2: play - works fine insert disc 3: cinematics - works fine re-insert disc 1: install. this is where the trouble happens. when it asks me to go back to the install disc again, it does not recognize that the disc is in the drive. i've tried unmounting and remounting the cd, but no good. the installation pretty much halts and i can go no further. i've tried copying the files to a folder on my desktop, and that doesn't work either. it won't even start the installer when i do it that way. here's a screenshot of what i'm seeing at that point. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


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