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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Dear.M (2022) Episode 1

Long-time best friends Cha Min Ho (NCT Jung Jaehyun) and Ma Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo) started the new semester with new roommates. She also meets her first love after returning to the university, all of these in "Dear. M" episodes 1 to 3!

Dear.M (2022) Episode 1

From the six main characters to the supporting ones, everyone is discovering their first loves in this show, which means a variety of scenarios are illustrated for our viewing pleasure. For example, we see Ma Joo Ah experience love at first sight during her routine commute to school. She is completely taken by a handsome stranger on the bus! A longtime couple, friendships evolving into something more, love at first sight, and unrequited love are all also on full display. Each sweet episode will have you rooting for your favorite pairs.

At the present time it is impossible to predict whether or not any individual patient will experience episodes of acute rejection. There is no correlation between the number, frequency and severity of episodes of acute rejection and any other known factor. Certainly, in our experience, cyclosporin A (CYA) has led to a diminished incidence of severe acute rejection episodes.

In this episode, Austin Charron (University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Oleksandr-Martin Kysly (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy) discuss the experiences of the Crimean

In this episode, Catherine Wanner, Professor of History, Anthropology and Religious Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, and Julia Buyskykh, Research Fellow at the Institute of History of Ukraine (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and co-founder of the Centre for Applied Anthropology, discuss religious minorities in Ukraine and Poland.

Brenda DeSaro:Welcome back. This is episode two of a three-part series on the top issues identified in benefit plan audits. I'm Brenda DeSaro, a director in EisnerAmper's pension service audit practice, and I'm here with Mark Dieters.Mark Deters:Hi, I'm Mark Deters with Creative Planning. I am a retirement plan advisor and fiduciary to our clients' plans. In the first episode, we address the impact of understaffing and employee turnover on benefit plans. And if you didn't catch that episode, we encourage you to go back and listen. Brenda, we're going to continue on to the next two challenges that we saw with retirement plan audits. And the next one is kind of near and dear to my heart, being that I started in the retirement plan industry with one of the larger payroll companies in their retirement division. And it's funny, those organizations tend to beat the drum all day of payroll integration. And for anybody who doesn't know the term payroll integration, basically what you're doing is you are leveraging the information that's inherently in the payroll with things like employee census data, and what you're doing is then sharing that with the retirement plan so the information flows automatically.

And what the code says is that the first part, as soon as administratively possible, to segregate those assets from the corporate assets, that's the measuring stick. How quick can you do that aspect? And then the second part of it says not to exceed the 15th business day. So, we got to stay in the front part of that sentence versus the latter. And when that happens, then we just need to identify, again, who's impacted, how long was it delayed in getting to the trust? Was there a significant reason why, like someone gone on vacation or was there IT issues? And be able to remedy that. And again, always good to speak with ERISA Council. If it's of a larger volume, you want to just make sure you've got the experts involved. And definitely leaning on your TPAs, that's huge as well.MD:So, I think I know the answer to this question already, but based on what you said, any thoughts on how people can get a... It sounds like you're doing education after the fact. Any thoughts on how people can get ahead of some of these discrepancies?BD:The best thing is to monitor. So, you know when your payroll is cut and when that number's identified for those deferrals and loan repayments. Track those dollars over to your provider, your trustee, of where the plan assets are, and make sure that you see those dollars going in and that they're timely. So, the best thing is to get in front of it and be timely with monitoring that process. And if something does happen where you're not seeing it get in, ask the questions, see what went wrong. Because the sooner you can stop the bleeding there and remedy it, the less exposure you'll have to lateness. That would be my wisdom there.MD:Okay, great. Well, Brenda, more great information. Thank you. We appreciate you tuning into this episode. In our next and final episode, we'll address communication and expectations between plan management and third party administrators, and also key considerations when there are changes in a plan. 041b061a72


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