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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez


Although our jobsite is temporarily unavailable, we remain accessible. If you have questions or want to apply for a job at TVH, you can still do so. You can find our job openings on our LinkedIn page or on


Hoewel onze jobsite tijdelijk niet beschikbaar is, blijven wij wel bereikbaar. Heb je vragen of wil je solliciteren bij TVH, dan kun je dat nog steeds. Je vindt onze vacatures op onze LinkedIn-pagina of op

Caterpillar Job Site Solutions and your local Cat dealer take the complexity out of managing your fleet and provide you with a strategy, intended outcomes and a plan for action that meets the unique challenges of your business and jobsites.

Functioning only when the wheel loader is in reverse and driving at speeds of between 3-15 km/h (1.86-9.32mp/h), no matter what gear it is in, it serves as a facilitator to jobsite safety. Even assistance systems like this cannot totally eliminate accidents though, which is why Volvo CE always advocates for safe operator driving behavior.

Requiring a Radar Detect System to be fitted, it works as an additional system to the existing wide range of features, options and site services provided by Volvo CE for its line of wheel loaders, all of which have been designed to elevate jobsite safety and minimize unplanned interruptions.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn at all times when visiting a jobsite, especially when construction is in progress. Some sites have extra PPE available for guests, but make sure to verify with your on-site contact before assuming it will be provided. PPE includes the following:

Increase construction job site productivity to stay on schedule and on budget. Track your work and jobsite data from the field with Trimble WorksOS, created for site supervisors and project managers to maximize jobsite efficiency. Explore our advanced construction technology and new cloud-based operating system delivering 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan, remotely, with critical project information straight from the machine. Never question the status of your construction jobsite progress and get a complete view of your progress to plan data to improve construction operations with our site management tools.

Easily track work completed vs work remaining on your construction project to save costs. Drive your equipment and jobsite machine activity from a central site design for real-time progress versus plan updates from the field. Allow for your construction design to model and shift the work as it changes, making sure you get the best utilization out of your machines. Translate your job site machine data from the field into timing and cost savings for the project with Trimble WorksOS.

View progressive volumes of earth moved over time to understand and analyze site productivity trends. Establish and visualize an advanced plan of project execution with emphasis on movement and flow around the jobsite. View and export accurate and real-time cumulative volumes, presented in daily or weekly totals, as a graph, table or map. Get status and on-time completion transparency for your construction operations with Trimble WorksOS jobsite management software.

We make it easy to track how your construction project is progressing and improve productivity on the jobsite. Schedule a personal walkthrough to learn how our construction technology solutions can help you.

Some shapers of internationally renowned brands see jobsite as their european home and use the best materials available on the market as well as the experienced factory team to produce the surfboards that make any surfer smile.

The quality of the equipment and materials used have been so attractive over the last few years that many shapers, on their tours to portugal and europe, even if they did not belong to the house, choose jobsite for one of the most important jobs in finishing a surfboard: the glassing.

Features 2x4 support arms that transform 2 sawhorses into a solid jobsite table. Also includes innovative material support pegs that allow upright storage of materials and easy cutting. It also has easy-to-fold steady feet for all-surface use. With fast-open legs, setup is straightforward and simple. Powder-coated and zinc-plated steel prevents corrosion and withstands rigorous environments. This folding sawhorse includes an easy carry handle for effortless transport and rolled edges for safety and comfort.

Always know what is happening on the jobsite with remote vision and perfect memory from OxBlue. View projects anytime, from anywhere with on-demand access to live images, video, and time-lapse technology. Stay on top of changing conditions with quick access to activity, weather, and safety data using artificial intelligence. Safeguard construction sites after-hours with security surveillance, verification and emergency dispatch services. 041b061a72


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