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In the last room of the stage, you will see little cracks on the wall where you can find items to grab. Get the exit sign by looking through the broken wall on the left side and enlarge it big enough so that it shakes the floor near the center. It will make the walls fall down and you can enter the hallway after it and head towards the left. You will see a long hallway with an exit sign and just run through it for a surprise.

Superliminal Crack


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The latter option needs a Storm Crystal to craft. These are pretty rare; you can find them on extreme weather planets during deadly storms. However, you can very rarely find them while mining Di-hydrogen crystals. The crystals will sometimes drop a Crystal Fragment into your inventory. This Crystal Fragment can be cracked open to, usually, give you some extra Di-hydrogen. Every once in a blue moon, though, one will produce a Storm Crystal.

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