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Ethan Gonzalez

Free Download |WORK| Megaman X6 Pc Version

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.5 (21/5/2021)New Features-Added the Magnetic Ceiling, as well as On/Off and Conveyor variants. Jump into this ceiling to stick to it and move around freely. You cannot move when attached to the Conveyor variant though, so be careful!-Added a new example level: Magnetic Interference by Objectionable.Changes-Fuse Rails as a floor, similarly to spikes, now have lower priority than solids, not hurting the player if they are only partially touching it.Fixed Bugs-Using Charge Kick too close to a ceiling may block the player.-Using Pile Driver on the ground and leaving the ground slightly pushes the player down.-Walking on a Chill Block after a transition will make you fall through it.-Astro Man, Grenade Man, Blast Man and Bounce Man's sprites have some border pixels cut off during certain animations.-Moving a carryable moving platform (Push Block, Soccer Ball, or Battan) with Item-3, lets that moving platform carry non-carryable moving platforms.-The player can get softlocked in the example level Wily Airlines - Disaster Transport.-When the player is moved or pushed into a Fuse Rail, they don't get hit.

free download megaman x6 pc version

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.3 (26/02/2021)New Features-Added proper difficulty settings to Wily Challenge.-Added the missing Wood Man (Mega Man 8) boss music. Nice.Changes-Blast Man has been improved to be more accurate to his source game behavior.-Bounce Man has been improved to better bounce off walls and be more accurate to source game behavior.-Wily Challenge's 'Minimum quality' option has been replaced by a double slider, allowing you to define a range of desired qualities.-Splash Woman now has a short wait time before being able to spawn fish again when surrounded by walls.-Freeze Man's editor mask has been changed from 2x3 tiles to 2x2 to better reflect his actual size.-Bunby Catcher will now turn invisible while the player is inside a Teleporter.-Item-3 can now carry Push Blocks.-Item-2 can now move Push Blocks, even if the Push Block is not on top of it.-Hologran now has a small buffer at the end to better allow for a continuous effect while moving vertically between multiple projectors.-Hologran's effect will stay while time is paused even if there are no projectors in view.-Quick Man now has a delay when he runs into a wall to reduce his difficulty.-When creating a new account, you can now continue offline before entering your email.-Updated Cut Tile (PU).-Updated Bass's Rotating Platform animation.Fixed Bugs-General moving platforms enhancements, including Push Blocks being able to carry other Push Blocks while moving.-Kaona Geeno's head falls straight down when it is killed outside of its activation range.-You can enter the online menu with an incorrect password.-After being destroyed, ?-Tanks may leave their collision behind when restarting a level.-When playing a level online, then loading a level in the builder, the music is overwritten by the music from the online level.-If up, down or start is mapped to a letter key, said letter cannot be used when writing a message for a level report.-Ice Slasher's and Freeze Cracker's sparkle effects are drawn behind Rolling Drills.-When building a level containing Rain, if you load a different level, said Rain is sometimes not deleted properly.-Gockroach S cannot walk on jumpthrough platforms.-Gockroach S cannot land on a jumpthrough platform while flying.-Gockroach S can get stuck on corners.-Weapons such as Dive Missile, Super Adaptor and Hornet Chaser home in on Acid Drop.-Pile Driver destroys Flame Pillars when charging through them.-Enemies do not create their explosion effect when crushed by a player-made Super Arm block.-Bounce Man's trail does not spawn and he does not rotate when using Speed Gear from bouncing after grabbing a wall.-When the player stands on any jumpthrough moving platform, it can get unstable when hitting walls and make the player fall off it.-The description for Key Door does not fit in the description box.-Splash Woman stops spawning fish after her first attack if she stays in water.-Splash Woman does not always enter her attacking phase after entering water.-While targeting the player with tridents, Splash Woman may summon fish when reaching a wall.-Splash Woman sometimes delays her attack while targeting the player.-When the player is pushed into a ceiling by a jumpthrough moving platform, they may get stuck in the ceiling.-When the player is on a conveyor and under the oil effect, they can clip inside walls.-Tornado Hold's projectile sometimes can and sometimes cannot land on a Rotating Platform.-Bunby Catcher may not respawn after going off-screen and after the player takes a Teleporter to another room.-Submarine Flier may become invincible after the player leaves the room with a Teleporter.-When Brown is out of his barrel, the barrel doesn't deal damage anymore.-When set to infinite range, after respawning, Bunby Catcher lets go of you when hitting a wall if he had let go of you prior.-When set to infinite range, Bunby Catcher can let go of the player after they use a Teleporter many times.-When set to infinite range, Bunby Catcher can let go of the player after they grab onto a ladder multiple times.-Needle Cannon does not stick to Crunch Don's hammer to do damage over time.-After bouncing upwards on a moving platform, Mash Burner accelerates very fast and despawns.-Freeze Man gets softlocked when hit by an ice weapon while bouncing on springs if it is not set as a weakness.-When moving bosses when multiple are placed in a room, it is possible to crash after loading the level from the editor.-Boss projectiles which petrify, solidify, or freeze the player from Shade Man, Concrete Man, and Freeze Man cause the player to act abnormal when sliding in 1-tile-tall areas when affected.-Items may drop when Jewel Satellite kills Hot Dog's fireballs.-During Time Slow, when a Teleporter spawns in after a boss is defeated, its animation loops indefinitely.-Magma Generator beams are destroyed when solidified and then having Wind Storm used on them.-While bouncing on springs, if Bubukan's pole vaults into a low ceiling, it clips off screen.-While bouncing on springs, Spring Man can clip into ceilings when jumping.-When using Roll's spinning broom attack midair it sometimes does a ground attack right after.-When the player stands on the edge of a moving platform, they can sometimes fall off.-When a player slides into two stacked character capsules set to Roll, it can cause her to use the wrong graphics when the slide is stopped. -Super Arm cannot be spawned over Quick Lasers or Fuse Lasers.-The On/Off editor icon's number does not match the default number it has when placed down.-Super Ball Machine Jr.'s projectiles can pass through solid tiles if they hit them at a corner.-When standing on a Mash Burner bouncing on springs, if its flame is out, you can get hit.-Tango Jump does not jump up after being airborne.-When a Mash Burner is standing in Oil, said Oil is ignited and then put out again, the Mash Burner's solid collision gets misaligned.-Under certain situations, more than 10 bosses can spawn in one section.-Hologran's hologram effect despawns when you scroll the screen while time is stopped.-Levels from version 1.4 and earlier do not properly load the boss music changer setting, causing the stage to not end.-Roll's mouth has the wrong shade of red while using Scramble Thunder.-If a moving platform is moving down and time is stopped, the platform keeps its momentum. This causes the player to be pushed downward when they collide with the platform's ceiling.-Pre-1.5 Teleporters create a lot of lag.-Quick Man's boomerangs stay in place when reflected.-Freeze Man clips in 2 tile high areas when jumping.-If a Fuse Crosser activates a second Fuse Crosser, this second Crosser stays active indefinitely.

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.2 (24/1/2021)Changes-Increased the level upload limit from 50 to 75.-Bunby Catcher will now alert the player one second before letting them go.-Bunby Catcher now has 3 distance options and an infinite one. When set to infinite, Bunby Catcher will let you go after 8 seconds of not moving horizontally.-Super Arm blocks can no longer be picked up while on ladders.-Hornet Roll's slippery effect has been reduced by 15%.-Freeze man now has his missing icicle patterns when he's near the edges of a room.Fixed Bugs-Fixed various issues with enemies and bosses on Jumpthrough Platforms and jumpthrough moving platforms.-Users with characters from a non-Latin alphabet in their Windows username are unable to play levels online.-The random level option often does not load the level card correctly.-You can sometimes clip into the ground while being carried by Bunby Catcher.-A moving Push Block can clip the player into a wall while jumping instead of crushing the player.-When the player lands, the landing sound effect sometimes does not play.-Breaking out of Freeze Man's ice can cause a crash.-Electric Gabyoall crashes when it does not find ground under it in that section.-Electric Gabyoall crashes when its electricity despawns from moving out of view.-Bomb Fliers cannot set a direction with the editor arrows.-When you're attached to Bunby Catcher, if a solid platform pushes you into a wall, you can clip into it.-When on jumpthrough moving platforms, Soccer Ball Jet can't take off after being shot and stays in its flying state.-When sliding under a tile and over a conveyor, the player can clip into the wall.-When using Oil Slider, the player can clip into certain objects like Key Doors and Time Bombs.-Using Spark Shock on Bombiers causes a crash.-Spark Shock's stun effect resets position when it kills a Lyric.-Downward-facing Fans can clip the player inside the ground.-Redirecting a Fire Wave with Shine and hitting an enemy crashes the game.-Super Arm blocks can be picked up and instantly thrown from ladders, causing you to slide off of them. -Hornet Roll's slippery effect can clip the player inside the wall.-Jewel Satellite reflects off of Jumpthrough Platforms. -TNT's visual is wrong when using the Eyedropper Tool.-Roll's Broom can cause a crash when killing bosses when their weakness is set to it during their intro.-Bosses can take damage during their intro.-The player can become invincible when attempting to spawn an 11th boss when you already have 10 on screen.-Roll dies when spawning on spikes instead of getting the invulnerability frames.-You can stand on the left edge of a Splash Platform while it's inside the wall.-Acid Drop spawner creates an endless stream of drops when killed by a Fire Wall. -Top Man's top projectiles get stuck when Time Slow runs out as they are about to move. -On/Off Switch can be hit by weapons when it is not in the same section as you.-Top Lifts spawner can spawn tops for a section it's not placed in.-Magma Beams cause players to jitter when they jump on them when solidified at times.-Super Arm blocks despawn when falling on another block of the same type with enough speed.-Player can easily clip into various moving platforms and walls under certain conditions.-Battan doesn't carry the player when moved by Conveyor Belts.-If a Bunby Catcher faces left, it travels more distance than when it faces right.-Acid Drop dropping on a jumpthrough moving platform going down never stop falling.-When the player stands on any solid object, they sometimes can't climb a ladder from the ground.-Splash Platforms become invisible, return to spawner and keep pushing while invisible when you leave and return to a section where they were active.-Fuse Rail's animation can desync from one rail to another.-Time freezing weapons don't completely stop Splash Woman's movements when set as a weakness.-You can enter the online menu with an incorrect password.


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