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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Shemale Butt

I heard about him from another shit eater at a scat party I attended in West Hollywood and I was given his office number. When his office opened, I called and made an appointment to see him. On my first office visit with him, I thought I would make an impression and dressed very slutty in my scat party lingerie. I wore a very short tight light brown pleather skirt with a thin yellow belt over brown string bikini panties that had SCAT BOTTOM printed in bold pink letters across the butt. My skirt did not completely cover my panties and it was easy to read it. I always wear a tight silicone cock ring and balls stretcher that makes my 7-inch cock look bigger and it pushes my balls out so they are always easy to grab. With a soft cock, my scat bottom panties just barely cover my cock and balls. I went braless and wore a skimpy tight sheer yellow tube top over my 38DD boobs so they could bounce around and be seen very easily, the finishing touch was my SHIT EATING SLUT necklace.

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I found Mom and Sheila's toys in their closet while they were at the store with my sister Renee a couple weeks ago. They just started leaving me home alone. They had a dizzying assortment of dildos, butt-plugs, handcuffs, ropes, vibrators, strap-on harnesses, lubricants... they even had a strange dildo on a huge half-cylinder that plugged in. [ed. when I posted this story I was informed this was a Sybian. I also later learned that one of the objects I didn't even take notice of at the time was a sex swing. (It was disassembled.] I sniffed and licked every toy they had, but they were all clean. I was really disappointed, but that didn't stop me from picking out one of their smaller toys and popping my own cherry with it. I actually got a spot of blood on their carpet, but I don't think they ever noticed. I resolved to start listening at their door and even hoped to get a peek at what they were doing sometime. The idea of them fucking each other with these dildos (some of them were HUGE) was just fascinating to me.

Wow. Even having seen the butt-plugs for myself that day, I hadn't fully made the connection that my Mom and Sheila enjoy anal sex. I started rubbing myself again. I wished I had something to play with my asshole with (using my fingers did not occur to me at the time) so I could feel a little of what mom was feeling.

This is a totally random comment, but I had to get off my chest the crushing disappointment of discovering last night at St Marks Books that The Minutemen Double Nickels book is #45 in the series and not #55, whilst The Magnetic Fields were allowed to butt ahead in line. That is all.

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