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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Buy Trapp Candles Wholesale

Spa-quality maker Modern Luxxe has introduced its Luxxe Collection candles in matte glass vessels with a wooden lid. Once the phthalate-free candle made of all-natural apricot and coconut wax has burned, reuse the oversize jar as a decorative container for makeup brushes, cotton balls, pens, or household odds and ends. Scents from this husband-and-wife duo based in Beaumont include Cacao + Coffee Bean; Black Rose + Vanilla; Orange Blossom + Fig; Cedarwood + Neroli Balsam; Lavender + Ylang Ylang; Ginger + Coconut; and Yuzu + Pear. Look for smaller sizes this summer.

buy trapp candles wholesale

Candles in scents that reflect the region are popular at Thick as Thieves in downtown Palm Springs. The in-house label pours High Noon and Naked Spur candles in simple clear jars. Imported from the High Desert, the soy wax Campfire candle from Joshua Tree Candle Company evokes a desert night, joining Prickly Pear, Yucca Bloom, Pinyon Pine, and Morning Sage scents. The store also stocks sticks of palo santo wood, often burned to purify a space of negative energy. 041b061a72


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