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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm 13.09.2018 Crack Mac Osx LINK

I had such a silly fall resulting in a trimalleolar fracture of my left ankle. Surgery 06.10.2016. After reading up on the condition I am happy to report that I appear to be recovering well. Followed Dr.s instructions and kept my leg elevated (very frustrating having to ask for help with everything) did all my toe wiggling, buttock clenching and leg raises . things appear to be going well as the pain has subsided dramatically and am lucky enough to have the space to put a bed downstairs. Without the aides to living life over the past few weeks would have been difficult. Now have a full cast on for the next 4 weeks (shocking pink) before next appointment when I may be able to commence weight baring . I have to say have been pleasantly surprised by my recovery so far and hope it continues despite my foot looking a bit like a dogs dinner. I have to praise our emergency services and say God bless the NHS.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm 13.09.2018 Crack Mac Osx



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