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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

The Captive (2014)

This entire time Cassandra has been held captive in the home of a child pornographer named Mika, who has installed remote cameras in the hotel rooms where Tina works as a chambermaid. Although Mika leaves his house to work and is no longer sexually interested in the now-teenaged Cassandra, the fear that he will harm her parents keeps Cassandra from escaping or seeking help.

The Captive (2014)

I am giving The Captive (2014) by Atom Egoyan two and half stars because this is a film that advocates for kidnapped, exploited children who are forced to comply with human trafficking. The film also indicates that the criminals, the police, the judges, and the community are being paid off and are complicit in these crimes. The non-linear story line was typical of Egoyan. The characters were not aged over eight years and this is about the only flaw I see other than the fact that this was like a TV episode of Criminal Minds from 2008.

Parents need to know that The Captive is centered on a young girl who's kidnapped and held captive for several years by a ring of child abusers. Several scenes feature oblique descriptions of what her captors do, but it's never explained in detail and never shown. Still, the subject matter and the air of creepiness that permeates the entire movie make it very iffy for younger teens. Expect strong but infrequent swearing (mostly variations of "f--k" and "a--hole") and a sequence that shows an adult woman being drugged, kidnapped, and held against her will. There's also a high-speed car chase and shootings.

"The Captive" is not your usual "B" film kidnapping/imprisonment film. The beginning is a bit confusing as it utilizes flashbacks which I didn't realize for the first 30 minutes, making this film a confusing mess to begin with. I will briefly sort out the first 28 minutes of the movie. If you don't want to know...stop reading.Cassandra (Alexia Fast/Peyton Kennedy) goes missing from the back of her daddy's truck cab. Matt (Ryan Reynolds ) her dad becomes suspect number one to the Niagara group "Anything For Love" headed by Nicole (Rosario Dawson). Matt's wife Tina (Mireille Enos) blames him and turns against him. Jeffry (Scott Speedman) who is part of Nicole's group is openly hostile toward Matt.Cass has special privileges as a captive and provides her captor with a unique service which makes this film a bit different. Matt tries to find Cassandra on his own (better than when OJ went looking for the "real" killer) while the group works without Matt.The film makes for a good "B" movie. It over utilizes the flash backs and really should have never had the flashback scene near the end which had me scratch my head...but wasn't she? How did? Oh a flashback. Of what? A day? A gimmick they really didn't need. Or was it a trick?A four star film that was cut to three stars by the director and editor.Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

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