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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Harry Potter Complete Collection 720p Brrip Xvid Vision File

ungodly, but with a hint of lemony goodness: harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 1. it took several years of torturous waiting, but the wait is over! this is the first part of the final harry potter saga. it was originally released back in 2011 and was written by j.k. rowling, steve kloves, and fantastic beasts and where to find them film writer newt scamander (eddie redmayne)..

Harry Potter Complete Collection 720p Brrip Xvid Vision File

from the detamining of the harry potter books, i really liked the characters in the saga. they are all extremely interesting and can easily make me laugh and cry. all of them. and even though i'd like to reread all books at least one more time, i did not have the time to do so, so i think it's time to watch the movies. i must admit, i am not that nostalgic person, but this series is too interesting and funny to read it, so i'll do it as much as i can, and i hope you'll enjoy it as well. so let's watch them!

here are some of the best moments of the series, especially in the first and last movie, as the movie was really terrible, the first one, the last one, i mean the one with harry, hermione and ron. there is really much funny humor, especially when speaking about harry potter. i will not go into details, but i think you should read or watch the movies yourself before you look at the dialogs here. take also into account that the translation is not the official one, so feel free to correct your comment if necessary.

after some lines about the three characters above i mention, i will start naming the quotes i like the most, and after that i'll comment some funny scenes which may help you to feel what was i talking about. i suggest you follow the order i mention here.


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