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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Where Can I Buy Tights

When fall rolls around one of my most commonly asked questions is where do I buy colored tights? Colored tights are such a fun and inexpensive way to add a BIG pop of color to any look. At the moment I own far too many pairs, but I still continue to add to my collection as I always stumble upon a new must-have hue! See my latest tight looks here, here and here.

where can i buy tights

Currently, my favorite places to find colored tights (also always typically $15 dollars or less) are here, here, here and here. If you are looking for more ideas on how to style colored tights, keep scrolling as I am highlighting some of my favorite past looks below!

We all have different experiences about buying tights for the first time (and, obviously, about wearing tights for the first time). We have asked some people on the Internet to share their experiences. Some of this may sound familiar to you, too.

Unfortunately, the first pair of tights most people wear are the cheap supermarket tights you can get on the high street. This lead to buying the wrong size. Sometimes afraid of asking for advice, one sometimes ends up buying the first pair that looks alright, rather than looking at the features of the particular pair and deciding for the right pair.

The best thing about buying tights online is that you have all the information you may need at hand. Also, if you buy your tights at UK Tights, you may have noticed that we love giving advice on the best styles and the most suitable size for you. We are always available through email, phone or social media.

Do you think it is alright for a man to wear women,s tights or stockings/suspenders on a daily basis because I do and I find that they are comfy to wear with the right underwear, I wear them under my jeans/trousers to work obviously thicker ones in winter and sheer ones in summer, one or two of my female friends are quite happy with this and are happy to help in what colours or styles to wear and when.

I think it is great that it is ok or men to be accepted to wear tights because I have some support tights and are lovely to wear I like the look and feel only ashame I have wear them in secret and under my trousers .Gary

The 10 tips for buying tights are really helpful. As a male motor cyclist I have found that opaque tights under pants are excellent during the winter. Not only are they much cheaper than specialized motor cycle clothing, but they are far more comfortable to wear once at the destination. Awkward to buy at first but UKTights offers an excellent solution.

Hello Everyone.The first tights I bought were purchased from the Sock Shop on King Cross Station back in the mid/late1980s, I was in my late teens at the time and had no idea what I wanted, (I just wanted tights, any tights lol) and was in a right old fluster.

As I felt a bit better about buying I called into the same shop a few weeks later to buy more, tights. The same sales assistant was working and must have recognised me, she asked my how I got on with my last tights, i nearly wet my pants. She laughed and told me off for using a cover story.She then took me round the shop showing me different tights, explained denier, and made me test the feeler samples , showed me size charts to get my size right.This time I walked away with the right tights and a wholenew world of hosiery knowledge, this woman helped my confidence immensely.Ever since my Sock Shop experience I have never had a problem buying tights. I thank her to this day.

Hi Barry,Thanks for your feedback. Most of the times we talk about tights, tips can be applied for stockings/hold ups. If you are a fan of stockings, feel free to check our most recent posts about stockings: =stockings

I first bought tights in a local corner shop aged 8. Bearbrand, toes bunched to a single point. Department stores have had a good selection but you could not say that they offered good service and understanding to all potential customers. Maybe why theyre going bust? The incredible selection, information and friendly service offered by UK Tights is hard to beat. Clearly the future.Stephen

For context (and proof of concept), the Canadian-based company set up a testing lab to experiment with the innovative fabric under extreme situations: Think playing with frisky dogs, scraping Sheertex tights against prickly cacti, and pulling at the fabric with acrylic coffin nails.

The Sheertex collection is vast, featuring everything from black tights of various opacity to knee-high options and colorful printed ankle styles. Prices range from $15 for a pair of crew socks to $119 for its nude shapewear, available in sizes XS to 3XL. Of course, when there are such steep price tags attached, we had to feel for ourselves how next-level the fabric really was, which is why we tried five different styles to see how they held up. Read on for our honest Sheertex tights review, below.

First impressions? Wow, these are heavy! Duty! Tights! I've been working with the same pair of Wolfords for the past 10 years, so I'm used to my tights being delicate and having to treat them with the metaphorical kid gloves. While I found my Sheertex style a little stiff coming out of the package and when pulling them on, they eventually felt like an especially sturdy pair of tights once I wore them for a bit.

How often do you wear tights, and do they snag easily? I wear tights a lot in the fall and winter, since I just can't achieve my witchy vibe in pants. It's not that they snag easily so much as that I tend to wear through the toes of everything, be they running socks, wool socks, or, yes, tights. Maybe it's because I don't really walk. I stomp.

How did you put these to the test? I did lunges, used my nails to pull them up, and went up and down the block in boots. Sure, it's not the usual amount of walking that I do in winter, but it was also roughly 75 degrees out, so I wasn't very compelled to be out in public in my usual December-wear. That said: I'm usually so nervous about wearing through the toes that I layer socks over my tights before topping them off with boots, but the boots-on-tights combo didn't seem to be a problem for this pair.

First impressions? Took some tugging (as all tights do) to get on, but I was relieved that I could really yank at them. I mean, I pulled at the calf with my nails. The thick waistband is a great feature; it really allows you to pull the tights into place.

How often do you wear tights, and do they snag easily? I wear them pretty often seasonally, and they never hold up. There was a season about 10 years ago when everyone was ripping their own black tights, and that was my moment to shine because I had so much inventory to work with. My tights always snag, or they have those pesky dark-line threads that are just about to snag.

First impressions? Upon opening the packaging and feeling the tights, I was impressed by how soft they were. A lot of tights can feel thin or even fragile when you first touch them, especially if they're slightly sheer. But when I put them on I was even more impressed. They provide support near my stomach, but they don't feel restrictive by any means.

True nude tights are hard to come by, but this pair from Nude Barre comes in 13 different shades (including a standard black), so you can choose between multiple warm and cool tones to find your best match. Testers gave this pair high scores overall, especially for comfort, with one sharing, "I liked that they weren't super compressive, which made them very comfortable to wear. The thin waistband didn't dig in and I forgot I was even wearing them." When our textile analysts evaluated these in the Lab, this pair ended up being the softest one we tested, with one analyst calling it "buttery soft." Just note that these weren't the most durable tights we tested, earning lower scores in bursting strength evaluations, so make sure to treat them with care. The brand also offers fishnet tights in the same nude and black colorways.

For those who have snagged their fair share of tights, shopping for a new pair can feel like a fruitless, never-ending endeavor, but these tights stood out amongst over 30 pairs for being snag-resistant in both our Lab and consumer tests. They also earned high scores in our stretch and recovery tests, so you can trust that they'll retain their shape after long periods of use. While a few testers told us the waistband rolled during use, most found this pair to feel comfortable during day-long wear and liked that they still had a nice sheen, despite their opaque look. DKNY also offers more tights with varying opacity, including a super opaque version at 90 denier, which proved to be durable with strong seams in our tests, and more sheer options if you want something a little more see through.

With a high-waisted cut and contoured waistband, these tights received unanimous high praise from our testers for their flattering fit. One tester raved, "I like the high waist and the way they smoothed things out but didn't feel crushing, like control tops usually do." Other testers noted that these tights were truly opaque on their legs, with a comfortable mid-weight feel. In Lab tests this pair fared well, receiving a mix of average and above average scores across the board. The only con was that some testers found that while these tights were comfortable enough to wear all day, the waistband didn't always stay in place, sometimes slipping when sitting down or bending over.

Low-waisted skirts are back and as it gets colder, you'll need a pair of tights to keep you warm without showing over the top of your skirt. While most tights sit high and have a firmer feel around the waist, this style is looser and sits below the belly button for those that prefer a more comfortable, relaxed fit. The lace waistband uses silicone strips on the inside to help keep it in place. Testers raved about the comfort of this pair, several commenting on the comfortable, stay-in-place waistband and soft feel. These tights also come in other variations, including a sheer nude version, but be aware that this brand is on the pricier side and you'll need to be extra cautious: One tester told us it tore on the first wear. 041b061a72


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