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[S1E19] Broken Dreams

Ritsu and Kagura are seen spending time with one another, and it is revealed that Ritsu has cut his hair short and has begun dressing in male clothing. Since the curse is broken, the two talk about how Shigure has quit being a novelist and that he is officially moving in with Akito at the Sohma compound. When the topic about marriage comes up, Kagura asks Ritsu when he is going to marry Shigure's editor, Mitsuru. Ritsu, shocked and bashful about the question, attempts to wear his furisode again, much to Kagura's dismay. Jokes aside, they talk about Kyo and Tohru and think back to the memories they share. Kagura tells Ritsu that she will be seeing them off, but apparently only for Kyo's sake and not Tohru's. Ritsu laughs, since he knows that Kagura wants both of them to be happy.[7]

[S1E19] Broken Dreams

He has light brown-colored hair due to sharing similar traits with his animal, the Monkey. In Chinese culture, Monkeys are lighthearted pranksters who have the ability to achieve all their dreams, which does not apply to Ritsu rather well.

In "A Day at the Aquarium", Andrias tells Anne about the Calamity Box, lying about how his ancestors were peaceful scientists who used it to study other worlds. He then tells the girls that they have to visit the three Temples to restore power to the box before they can go home, whilst keeping it a secret that the powers the 3 human girls got from the music box would be removed. In "True Colors", after Anne hands the Calamity Box over to Andrias, he dropped the charade and showed everyone the psychotic tyrant he really was. When she learns that he was planning on going to Earth and dominating its people, Anne vowed to put an end to his evil dreams of conquest.

Like all Sohma family members, Ritsu is curse by the Chinese Zodiac. He would turn into his Zodiac form whenever he is hugged by the Opposite sex, or If his body goes under a great deal of stress. Ritsu gets turn into a Monkey when Tohru Honda accidently hugged him to make sure he wouldn't fall on broken glass that was on the floor. As a Monkey, Ritsu is blessed with a extremely agile body, able to climb to high grounds easily. He is also blessed with a highly reflex body, able to react fast enough to stop himself from falling off Shigure's house's roof. When Tohru, Yuki and Shigure see Ritsu on the Roof praying to God in the 2001 anime, all Shigure and Yuki could say was "How did he get up there?". In the 2019 anime, even Kyo wonders how Tohru got to Ritsu that fast by being on the roof. Whenever he is not in his monkey form, he would be surrounded by Monkeys, as quoted by Kyo that all Sohma family members would get surrounded by there Zodiac Sign.

On her way to the household residence, Tohru Honda bumps into Ritsu Sohma, the Monkey of the Chinese zodiac. Ritsu is known for being a cross-dresser, very apologetic, and deeply depressed. As the two appear at the household residence, Ritsu gives some presents to Shigure. Ritsu decides to leave before he causes any trouble for Tohru and the others. However, Tohru wanted to serve him some tea before his departure. Unfortunately, after Tohru accidentally breaks one of the tea glasses, this sends Ritsu into a panic attack, thinking it was his fault. Tohru tries to stop him from stepping in the broken glass, but she turns him into a Monkey, getting cut in the process. Ritsu goes to the roof of the house to commit suicide, but after Tohru convinces him not to, he nearly falls off the roof, twisting his ankle in the furtherance. Ritsu asks to stay at the household residence for three days, with Hatori looking over him. While walking back from school, Tohru runs into Ritsu again, who plans to bring a bag of jelly buns for Shigure. Tohru and Ritsu sit on a park bench to talk about his cross-dressing, his apologizing, and his depression. Tohru comforts him by saying that everyone has a reason to live, a reason that everyone must search for.

The Elves Lenny and Yucca quarrel and break up. Only Amore, the specialist in broken hearts, will be able to bring the two Elves back to make peace, although she must first understand the true nature of the Elves, who unlike the Pixies, are bullies and mischievous.[1]

Rarity daydreams in The Ticket Master about meeting Princess Celestia's dashing "nephew" at the Grand Galloping Gala, with her fantasy culminating in marriage and induction into royalty. Upon attending the Gala in The Best Night Ever, she spots a stallion, depicted with the same character design as the one in her fantasy, who is identified as Prince Blueblood. Although handsome and initially charming, Blueblood turns out to be conceited, rude, and narrow-minded. He expects Rarity to care for him while doing nothing in return. Rarity tries to be patient with the prince's manner, but his selfish ways finally exhaust her patience when Blueblood uses her as a shield from an incoming cake. She then angrily declares him to be a "royal pain" and splatters frosting all over him.

In Simple Ways, Spike tries to comfort a heartbroken Rarity as she cries over being overlooked by her crush Trenderhoof in favor of Applejack. Rarity wails that Spike couldn't possibly understand how it feels to be obsessed with someone only to find out they're obsessed with someone else, ironically oblivious to Spike's own romantic obsession with her. She nonetheless calls on "Spikey-poo" for his support throughout her efforts to win Trenderhoof over by imitating Applejack. When Rarity inadvertently stains one of her own dresses with mud, she desperately sends Spike to fetch three gallons of boiling water and one ounce of detergent to clean it out. 041b061a72


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