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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Big Bad Wolf

He is, like his name suggests, the physical embodiment of Death, who takes the form of a white wolf in a black hooded cloak. During the events of the film, Death is intent on killing the legendary Puss in Boots once and for all as punishment for carelessly wasting eight of his nine lives.

Big Bad Wolf

When warned by the town doctor that he was down to his last life and must go into retirement, Puss ignores him and goes down to the town's tavern to relax and drink some milk to avoid his problems. His attempts to deflect the serious news was then suddenly interrupted by a sinister, melodic whistle. The source of that whistle is coming from a mysterious hooded wolf, who appears seemingly out of nowhere, sitting right next to Puss. At first, the menacing figure claims to be a fan of Puss in Boots, disturbing the cat with his eerie compliments, but when he asks Puss to sign a wanted poster specifically where it says "dead", it's clear that he's got something else in mind. Believing that this is just another bounty hunter trying to collect a reward on him, Puss once again claims to laugh at death (which visibly annoys the wolf), and warns that he will not be defeated so easily, but the wolf retorts by cryptically stating that while everyone he's hunted thought they could best him, not one of them has ever succeeded in escaping him.

Expecting an easy fight, Puss then triumphantly draws his sword, only to have it immediately swatted away by the wolf. The two then begin their duel, but Puss was on the losing side the entire time, with the wolf somehow calculating and predicting every single move he makes while belittling his combat performance. After the wolf deflects Puss' sword with his sickles, Puss tries to do his signature air spin attack on him, but the wolf easily grabs him from the air by the neck and whispers into his ear that he was not living up to the legend. He then drags the cat across the bar and throws him at a table chair. Going on the offensive, the wolf continues to strike at Puss with his sickles, slicing one table cleanly in two. After a few more strikes, the wolf then deprives Puss of his rapier and hat while grazing the cat's forehead with one of his sickles, drawing a stream of blood which drips down Puss's face (according to the legend, Puss in Boots was never touched by a blade prior).

As the terrifying realization that his demise will be permanent finally dawns on Puss, the wolf picks up the scent of Puss' fear and gets eerily excited to dispatch the cat, dragging his twin sickles across the floor as sparks fly. This causes Puss to experience a review of his life, to which the wolf mockingly asks was happening. The horrific beast then kicks Puss' sword towards its owner and demands the cat retrieve it so they can finish their duel. But instead, Puss succumbs to his fear, picks up his hat and flees into the tavern restroom without his weapon. Taking delight in striking terror into the supposed fearless hero, the wolf licks his chops and begins whistling his tune again while walking towards the restroom. Puss locks the door, but knows that this will not stop him, especially after seeing the wolf's shadow somehow appear through the door. Upon breaking the lock with his sickle, the wolf opens the door, only to find his prey missing, having escaped through the tavern's sewage system. Amused by this, the wolf rhetorically tells Puss to run as far as he can, for he will not stop hunting the cat until he has succeeded in ending him.

After the fight at the tavern, Puss became traumatized by the near-death experience. Heeding the doctor's word's, he goes to a cat sanctuary to spend the rest of his days in retirement. Then one day, he witnesses some shadowy creature through the window and sniffing at the bottom of the door. Assuming it to be the wolf he fought with prior, he tries to hide, but then sees it was actually one of the Three Bears Crime Family led by the infamous Goldilocks, who came in search of Puss so they can recruit him in stealing the map to the fabled Wishing Star from the terrible crime lord, Big Jack Horner. Realizing that the star could grant him his old lives again, Puss sets out to steal the map for himself.

While escaping from Jack's headquarters with the map on a horse cart, alongside his old companion-turned-rival Kitty Softpaws and a nameless dog he unintentionally befriended, he created a barrier of people to stop Jack's henchmen from chasing them by kicking gold unto the streets for them to grab. However, Puss then hears the whistle he heard from when he first fought the wolf and sees the supposed bounty hunter within the crowd cheering for him (on the occasion, the wolf places two coins on his eyes to send a message to Puss). Terrified, Puss orders the dog to speed up the cart, which he does. Then, within the dark forest near a river, during a three-way fight between Puss' group, Jack and his Baker's Dozen and the Three Bears, Puss attempts to recover the map, but then hears the whistle again and turns around to find the wolf standing on a rock formation with his sickles ready, causing Puss to run away in terror. While running through the trees, Puss sees visages of the wolf everywhere he looked until stopping at a tree. He then suffers from a panic attack until the nameless dog manages to calm him down.

Puss then gets trapped in the Cave of Lost Souls, where he meets all of his previous lives on crystal reflections, who attempt to persuade him to abandon his team to get to the star alone. Repulsed at how selfish and narcissistic he was before, Puss leaves in a huff, but as he walks away, the wolf suddenly appears from the shadows in front of him, shocking him. The wolf then begins smashing up the stalagmites showing the images of Puss' past lives while revealing that he has personally witnessed every one of his deaths while marking each one on his sickle. He then mocks Puss for being ignorant of his presence due to his claims of always "laughing in the face of death". Hearing these words, Puss realizes with horror that the individual in front of him was not just some bounty hunter seeking money or fame, but in fact the physical embodiment of death itself, to which the wolf, now identified as Death, confirms. When Puss questions why Death would come after him while he was still alive, Death then expresses how he despises cats for how they can prolong death with nine lives, especially when they waste away their lives without a care like Puss has with his original eight lives, and has decided to punish the cat by taking his last life. After Death smashes up the final crystal, Puss starts running for his life, with Death goading him to do so it would make it more amusing for him. As Puss runs his way out of the cave, he sees multiple reflections of Death laughing at him on the crystals. When gets close to the exit, Death grabs him by the cape, causing it to tear and Puss to trip. But Puss continues to run away, with Death echoing for him to continue.

The Big Bad Wolf is the main antagonist of the Silly Symphonies short The Three Little Pigs. As his name suggests, he is a ruthless, conniving wolf who variably plots to eat the Three Little Pigs. The crafty wolf often relies on gaudy disguises to accomplish his schemes. His greatest attributes, however, are his infamous "huffs and puffs", which are powerful enough to blow houses in.

However, it is now more consistent that he has one son called Li'l Wolf. Li'l Wolf wants to be a good wolf, and his father often scolds him for being friends with the Three Little Pigs. However, it has been shown that Big Bad is not a bad father. He adores his son and has on occasion passed up the possibility of pork chops for the safety of his son.

Big Bad Wolf made several appearances in the series House of Mouse. His most prominent role was in the show's second episode, where he appeared as a popular jazz singer known as Big Bad Wolf Daddy (a parody of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), with the Pigs providing music for him (he had them under a contract that says he will not eat them as long as they play for him). The Bimbettes apparently also seemed to like him, as they sang along to his song, to Gaston's annoyance. It was revealed in the episode that the wolf's "huff and puff" reactions are activated by the sight of doors and not the three pigs. His "huff and puff" would end up blowing up the House of Mouse (just like the last time he was there, according to Mickey).

In the ABC fantasy drama, the Big Bad Wolf is actually a werewolf whose human form is none other than Red Riding Hood. Her grandmother purchased a red hood from a wizard to stop her from transforming when there was a full moon.

The Big Bad Wolf makes an appearance in the episode "The Big Good Wolf", in which he moves into Mickey and Minnie's neighborhood and causes havoc. Mickey offers to reform the wolf by taking him across town to help others. The wolf agrees, but secretly uses it as an opportunity to eat everyone in town, including the Three Little Pigs, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Pluto, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Clarabelle Cow, and Horace Horsecollar, among other residents. The wolf lastly invites Mickey to dinner as a cover up to devour the mouse, but Mickey learns of the wolf's schemes and frees the townsfolk. The wolf tries to exact vengeance by huffing and puffing Mickey into a fire to be roasted, but Mickey uses pepper to retract the wolf's huffs and puffs, causing the wolf to sneeze himself into the sun. Though Mickey laments his failure to reform the Big Bad Wolf, he and the other residents celebrate the wolf's "change-of-address".

Big Bad Wolf appears in the Disney Parks (with brown fur rather than black) as a meetable character and usually seen in parades. The wolf appears as a rare character and is now mostly found at Tokyo Disneyland than any other theme parks, though he would meet during Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Big Bad Wolf is giant wolf, who has a black coat and red eyes. As a wolf, he has a sharp nose, pointy ears, and big red claws. In "Devil's Snare", he was seen wearing Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's pink and white sleeping gown and hat, with some glasses. 041b061a72


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