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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

[S8E6] Home Is Where The Heart Is

The patient is suffering kidney, heart and lung failure. They realize it's probably not Burkitt's because it doesn't progress this quickly. As they discuss a new differential, Taub sees the patient's biological father heading into his room. The mother confronts him, then Taub, but then the stepfather admits he called him. The mother throws him out and he leaves. However, as he turns to go, House tells him to wait. He realizes the biological father has late stage syphilis and the mother kicked him out because he molested his son. The son got the syphilis and the test for it was a false negative. House realizes that the disease is only active in the arteries of his brain, where it hides from the test. House realizes the blow to the groin released some of the bacteria. When they gave him immunosuppressants, the bacteria ran wild. The antibiotics were too little too late and merely created toxins that sent the immune system into overdrive. The mother admits that he found evidence of the molestation, but the patient didn't remember it after a while and seemed normal. House orders antibiotics and antibodies. He then orders that the health department and police be notified. Adams wants to know if they are going to tell the patient he was molested. House leaves it up to Taub how to explain to a virgin how he got syphilis.

[S8E6] Home Is Where the Heart Is

Weeks later, Grey Worm escorts a disheveled and grimy Tyrion to the Dragonpit. Sansa, Bran, Arya, Yara Greyjoy, Brienne, Davos, Gendry, Sam, Yohn Royce, Robin Arryn, Edmure Tully and the new prince of Dorne all are present there. Jon is also imprisoned for regicide, but he's not brought forth along with Tyrion. When Sansa asks where Jon is, that he was to be brought along with Tyrion, but Grey Worm replies that he decides what to do with their prisoners and it is their city now. Sansa is not appeased, explaining there are thousands of Northmen outside the city gate and as a result, harming Jon wouldn't be in Grey Worm's interest. However, Grey Worm replies in equal measure, saying there are also thousands of Unsullied as well. Yara sides with Grey Worm because the ironborn agreed to follow Daenerys. Sansa states Yara agreed to follow a tyrant, and Yara responds Daenerys freed them from a tyrant, that Cersei is gone because of Daenerys and Jon Snow put a knife through her heart. Yara wants Jon executed, but Arya warns her not to say another word about killing her brother or she'll cut her throat. Davos defuses the situation, saying they've had enough of cutting each other's throats. He gives Grey Worm's men credit for their aid in the war against the undead and if it weren't for them, they would have lost. He suggests Grey Worm take land in the Reach and start their own house, "We've had enough war. Thousands of you, thousands of them. You know how it ends. We need to find a better way."

One night, as Vivien explains, a group of Satanists arrived at the house, consisting of Miriam Mead and another cardinal (Naomi Grossman) and headed by Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey, who had faked his death in order to meet Michael. The Satanists kidnapped a young woman from a bus stop and brought her to the house where they performed a Black Mass, with LaVey removing the girl's heart for Michael to consume. A demonic shadow appeared and Michael announced that he is one with his "Father". After a rain of blood and hail descended, Vivien attempted to murder Michael but suddenly caught on fire. Before he could destroy her, she was saved by Tate, allowing Michael to leave the house. Vivien tells Behold and Madison that Michael Langdon is not a warlock but the Antichrist, the prophesied abomination that will bring about the Apocalypse.

Tyrion surveys the destruction of King's Landing as ashes fall upon dead bodies and crumbled buildings. Jon Snow and Davos are upset to discover Grey Worm and the Unsullied executing Lannister prisoners of war on the queen's command. Davos suggests Jon speak with Daenerys. Tyrion heads to the bottom of the Red Keep, where he is broken-hearted to find his siblings, Cersei and Jaime, killed by the fallen rubble.

Jon returns to Castle Black, where he is reunited with Tormund and Ghost. As Sansa Stark takes her seat on the throne as Queen in the North, and Arya Stark sets sail across the seas on her own ship, Jon rides once again beyond the Wall, guiding the surviving Free Folk back to their home.

Richard enters Bailey's mouse lab, where she paged him to. She informs him 8 of the mice are hypoglycemic. He pretends to be surprised to hear this. She's been locked in this lab all day and night, hiding it from him and trying to figure out why, and then Meredith Grey figured it out. Now she's got weeks worth of tests to run and mice to monitor and real patients to check on. Richard suggests she gets help, but Bailey doesn't know from whom, as she fired Kepner and refuses to put Meredith on the trial. Richard promises her help will show up, as it always does. Now he orders her to go home and get some rest. Work will still be there in the morning. He pushes her out of the lab and tells mouse Q he's got his back.

Cristina meets Owen in the ambulance bay. He tells her there can't be any more sex in the hospital because he's Chief now, and he has to act like it. She's fine with it. They're feeling a little awkward and still refuse to talk about their problems. He suggests they go and have dinner somewhere, but she proposes they just go home and have sex there. He agrees to that. They walk off together. 041b061a72


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