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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Well Hung Tranny Wmv

I confess that I just hit up 2 shemales on craigs list. Hoping for a reply from either. I've never tried this before and am mostly straight (have only had 2 cocks in my mouth), but the thought of having a shemale in my bed, cock in my mouth, cumming all over my chest has my cock raging. I'm not in a big metro area and am hoping they're not whores looking for cash. The second one is black (i'm white) and amazingly hot, you would never know she's hung.

well hung tranny wmv

looking for big cock tranny selfsuckers. any suggestions? i find the occasional sexy one but 99% are asian selfsucking with what is clearly a fake cock. prefer famous trannies if possible. any thoughts? also looking for huge cocked ( the bigger the better ) shemales

I confess that I am a man with an addiction to being a cock loving, cum craving, anal sissy slut from time to time. I often dress in my stockings, thong, and little shirt and go into an online chat room to get some attention from, well, anyone. Especially if I haven't had a rendezvous with my "friend" to satisfy my needs in a while. I love chatting about my experiences and sharing online pictures of hot girls, shemales, bisexual pics, and gay men. I also share pictures of myself playing with my cock and ass. When I am in the mood, I share my live stream and when I'm really horny, use a couple of my toys. I like doing this because it really turns me on, especially when guys will let me watch them stroke their cocks too. At the end of the night, my goal is to get so aroused that I have a big load of cum to shoot. I like to cum right into my mouth with either fingers, a dildo, or a butt plug in my ass. I cum so hard but it satisfies my wanting mouth and tight little ass. 041b061a72


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