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Buy All Pink Floyd Albums

The discography of the English rock group Pink Floyd consists of 15 studio albums, four live albums, 12 compilation albums, five box sets, three EPs, and 27 singles. Formed in 1965, Pink Floyd earned recognition for their psychedelic or space rock music, and, later, their progressive rock music.[1] The group have sold over 250 million records worldwide,[2][3] including 75 million in the United States.[4]

buy all pink floyd albums

Pink Floyd's eighth album, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), sold more than 30 million copies and is one of the best-selling albums.[16][17] It has been reissued as a Quadrophonic LP and 5.1 surround sound Super Audio CD.[18] The Dark Side of the Moon was followed by Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), and The Wall (1979); all except Animals reached number one in the US, and The Wall is the highest-certified multiple-disc album by the Recording Industry Association of America.[19][20] Pink Floyd released few singles after Barrett's departure, though "Money" was a US top-20 hit, and "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" reached number one in the UK and US.[21]

People are often curious to know which records are the most valuable, and which artists are the most collectible. Beatles albums would have to top the list, as the British band is the biggest selling act of all time, but many people might be surprised to see the British band Pink Floyd listed among the most collectible artists of all time.

Collectors took notice once the band became a best-selling act in the mid-1970s, however, and many Pink Floyd albums now trade hands among collectors at prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

As with any band that has sold millions of records, most Pink Floyd albums are not especially collectible or valuable. There are, however, many rare and unusual releases by the band from various countries around the world, and a growing number of collectors of Pink Floyd albums despite the fact that the band has only released three albums of new material in the past thirty five years.

In this article, we will cover some of the more interesting Pink Floyd albums from around the world and show examples of some of the rarer Pink Floyd albums that collectors are trying to find. This article is by no means intended to be comprehensive, but is rather intended to give a general overview of the sorts of Pink Floyd rarities that are lurking out there.

All of these albums were released in both the U.S. and the UK and in most other major countries when new. All are currently available in at least one format and most are currently available for purchase on vinyl.

Capitol Records shut down their Tower subsidiary sometime in 1970, and all three Pink Floyd albums issued on that label went out of print. More was reissued in 1973 on the Harvest label, but The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucerful of Secrets have never been reissued in the United States as individual albums.

In 1975, Pink Floyd albums moved to Columbia Records in the United States and CBS Records in the UK. The band has remained with this label ever since, and all albums from Wish You Were Here on were issued on this label.

British Pink Floyd albums have appeared on the Columbia, Harvest, and CBS record labels. It should be noted that in Britain, the Columbia label was distributed by EMI, where in the United States, Columbia was owned by CBS.

British record buyers were slower to buy stereo equipment than buyers in America, so the first two Pink Floyd albums were released in both stereo and mono in Britain, while More was issued in stereo only.

As a general rule, Pink Floyd albums with earlier stamper numbers tend to sell for more money among collectors than those with higher stamper numbers, with the emphasis on owning a copy of the album that was pressed as close to the original date of release as possible.

Why are collectors interested in mono Pink Floyd albums? One of the reasons, besides relative rarity, is that the stereo and mono versions of the albums have distinctly different mixes. As the mono versions of songs were the ones most likely to be played on the radio, the artists and record companies usually spent more time on the mono mixes than on the stereo versions.

Aside from all of the interesting things listed above about Japanese Pink Floyd albums, collectors also value them because of their high sound quality. Japanese LPs are usually pressed using high quality vinyl and the packaging and print quality of the covers and inserts are usually better than those found on releases from other countries.

Several different Pink Floyd albums have been released in Turkey with covers that are significantly different from the covers used elsewhere. The 1978 reissue of A Saucerful of Secrets uses a cover photo taken from the A Nice Pair compilation album.

There are hundreds of variations on covers of Pink Floyd albums from around the world, but the ones above are among the more significant ones. Small countries, particularly those in Asia and Africa, often issued unlicensed albums using whatever they could find for album cover art.

While a few of them, such as Omayyad, released in the early 1970s by the Trademark of Quality label, feature studio recordings, the vast majority of Pink Floyd bootleg albums feature recordings of the band in concert.

Many bootleg Pink Floyd albums have been reissued multiple times, and releases as either picture discs or colored vinyl are quite common. Some of these titles have become quite collectible themselves, particularly the titles on the Trademark of Quality label. Others command little value, either because the sound quality on the records is poor or because the material on them has since been officially.

Some Pink Floyd albums that you would think would be rather common sell for surprising amounts of money. While The Dark Side of the Moon sold well from the day of release, finding a mint condition first pressing UK edition of the album that is complete is quite difficult to do some 40+ years later, and such an album can sell for more than $1000 at auction.

Pink Floyd tribute band, Floyd Nation, make their Ruth Eckerd Hall debut! The group makes their Ruth Eckerd Hall debut performing all of your favorite hits from the vast collection of Pink Floyd albums such as The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. This ultimate U.S. based Pink Floyd tribute band will have you immersed in sound, lights and lasers as they take you on an epic journey, bringing back your best memories of some of the most iconic music ever produced.

Pink Floyd quietly broke up nearly two decades ago, but they never really went away. The band is still so massive that Roger Waters just finished up a three-year stadium tour where he recreated their 1980-'81 Wall tour. Other musicians took the place of David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, but it was as close to Pink Floyd as we're likely to get these days, and there seemed to be no limit to how many tickets he could sell. We asked our readers to vote on their favorite Pink Floyd albums. Click through to see the results.

Many psychedelic rock albums from 1967 sound very dated today, but The Piper at the Gates of Dawn sounds remarkably fresh 46 years after it arrived on record store shelves. The group had been gigging for two years at this point and had a minor hit on the charts with "Arnold Layne." EMI Records saw huge potential in the group and their charismatic frontman Syd Barrett, and they let them record in Abbey Road with Beatles engineer Norman Smith. They even watched the Beatles record "Lovely Rita" midway through the sessions. The result of the sessions was nothing nearly as commercial as Sgt. Pepper, but a work that appealed to hip teenagers all over England. The group was poised for bigger and better things, but not long after it came out Barrett began suffering severe mental problems. The group briefly worried they wouldn't be able to carry on without him.

Pink Floyd, touring heavily in 1971, were forced to record Meddle during tiny breaks throughout much of the year. The album kicks off with "One of These Days," a sinister instrumental with a killer bass line that builds to an amazing climax. Nick Mason speaks the only line of the song: "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces." It sounds like the cry of a horror-movie monster, largely because they messed around with the speed of the tape. It was an ambitious work, but nothing compares with the 23-minute "Echoes," which takes up the entire second side. The four members of Floyd wrote the song together, and it's an amazing showcase for the entire band. Meddle didn't sell well at the time, but it's become one of their most beloved albums.

This page is a discography of all the official Pink Floyd albums and primarily British singles. Original albums are in bold print. Each single or album has a page with full info on each track, lyrics and links to online ordering. Songs/tracks are always listed together with the album of their first official release.

Pink Floyd's contract with EMI covering albums post "Dark Side of the Moon" expired on June 30. Since then, some of the band's most popular albums, including "Wish You Were Here," "The Wall," and "Animals," were removed from the iTunes Music Store, as well as and other digital music sellers.

According to Gibson Lifestyle, Pink Floyd has The disappearance of the albums came about after the band won a lawsuit against EMI in March, allowing it to block the sale of individual songs on services like iTunes. A High Court in the U.K. determined that the band could "preserve the artistic integrity" of whole albums by not breaking them up into individual song sales. 041b061a72


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