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Cossacks: War Again Download PC Game [HOT]

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Cossacks: War Again Download PC Game

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There are 6 basic resources in the game that are crucial to the player's military victory. These are gold, wood, food, stone, iron and coal. Gold, iron and coal may only be acquired by constructing mines over a designated resource area and sending peasants into them whereas food is cultivated from mills and via the use of fishing boats. Wood and stone are gathered by conventional means and there are also specific areas where these may be collected. Depending on the type of unit or structure being built, the amount of resources needed to create a unit/structure would inflate quantitatively with each successive one built or trained. Depleted resources would result in an undesirable penalty for the player such as a lack of food will signify a famine for the state and the player's units will die from lack of supplies. Similarly, a lack of coal and iron means that shooters and cannons will cease to fire their weapons whereas a lack of gold will mean that units which require maintenance paid will commit mutiny against the state. The economic workforce consists of peasants who can multitask and also attack enemy soldiers. They can, however, also be captured by enemy troops and turned to the enemy's allegiance.

Artillery in the game are divided into mortars, cannons, multi-barrelled cannons and howitzers and all have distinct functions which are suitable in one situation but may not be appropriate in the next. Mortars are primarily used to bombard enemy buildings and ships from afar. The resulting shrapnel and debris upon impact on the building(s) would also kill nearby enemy units as well as the player's own if in the vicinity. Cannons are the staple of the artillery forces in Cossacks and possess good range (which can be improved with its corresponding research) and shot power but are not particularly powerful against buildings, especially after the buildings' upgrades have been researched. Cannons are also able to fire a grape shot to eradicate a cluster of enemies at short range whereas a multi-barrelled cannon (must be researched at the academy and is not available to all nations) also functions in a similar manner but reloads quicker than the cannon. Howitzers are the shortest ranged artillery but possess the best shot power. They fire in an arc which means that enemy walls will not block their ordnance. They are good against both soldiers and buildings but should be escorted by guards. All artillery units may be captured by enemy forces in the same manner as the peasant workforce. The main upgrades for artillery are the extended range, the accuracy and its build time and cost.

Cossacks: Campaign Expansion, released on 1 November 2002, is a piece of downloadable content for Cossacks: Back to War. It contains four single-player campaigns from the original game, Cossacks: European Wars, and five from The Art of War: nine campaigns with 63 hardcore missions.

You can use this platform to download the Cossacks: Back to War PC game. This PC game is the latest release in the Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy category. It was globally available for download on Oct 17, 2002 date, when it was launched.

The Cossacks series is a pretty decent one on the whole, offering historical real time strategy shenanigans that make a pleasant change from the usual science fiction and fantasy offerings such as Warcraft and Command and Conquer. Back to War is actually an add on to the European Wars main game so if you are a fan of that game, then this is a worthy addition to an already solid experience. The main game is set in the 17th and 18th centuries and allows players to take control of a variety of European countries and their armies, each of which with their own unique weapons and units, including naval ones. Back to War doesn't add much to the base game, but what's there is certainly appreciated and provides fans with some good content to get their teeth into. This includes two more nations (Hungary and Switzerland) with some interesting units which provide some new challenges even for fans of the original. There's also some new architecture, again specific to each country but that's about it really. However, what's here is pretty decent stuff and the new nations and units certainly add in some flavour to proceedings. As this is an expansion pack, the graphics remain as decent as ever, with nicely detailed environments and units that have a lot of character. The interface too is simple and intuitive so even if you haven't played the original, it's a breeze to pick up, while the missions themselves are varied and challenging. The other games in the series are equally worth checking out so if you fancy a change from sci-fi and fantasy, take a look here.

In terms of structure, there's a mixture of the game standards, with a few twists. Skirmish mode, Internet play and a narrative campaign. The skirmish only has ten levels, with no random mode, which is a clear weakness. Internet play allows you to play in a skirmish fashion against other humans. No, really. The campaign is your abstract introduction to the game's foibles, a task it manages to perform with admirable mediocrity. Certainly the missions aren't particularly interesting, and there's a rather overenthusiastic difficulty gradient at work. The plot, such that it is, is inherently ludicrous, with any real amusement caused by some particularly ill-chosen American voice-acting. A special nod must be made to the section where the subtitles state a "Huzzah!" while the actor appears to yelp "Yee-haw!"

There are also some awkward technical aspects to face. While running mostly well, I've had several nasty system-freeze crashes while playing. While the AI's mostly capable, it does have some odd holes in it, and gets particularly confused about fighting against cannons. Also, despite specs comfortably above its recommended, I experienced some persistent frame rate problems when the game starts reaching towards the larger conflicts. At its worst, the game set up a border-fortress overlooking the realm of unplayability. When a fair chunk of the game's appeal is such massive conflicts, that's a real fault.

The official "Heroes of Annihilated Empires" trailer has been posted online and is free for download to all the users of The colourful trailer boasts story-based scenes to accompany the player as he progresses in the game. 041b061a72


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