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14 : Kill The Giant Danger Beast

The laws regarding exotic pet ownership vary by state. Animal rights advocates advise against keeping most wild animals in captivity, but that hasn't stopped exotic pet lovers from legally owning everything from ferrets and foxes to more dangerous beasts like alligators, bears, and tigers.

14 : Kill the Giant Danger Beast

Updated 15th of December by Isaac Williams: Beasts may not be as strange or spectacular as many of D&D's monsters, but they have their place. Many DMs want to use them, and not just in low-level adventures. This list has been updated with even more of the most dangerous beasts in D&D 5e to help DMs who want to get the most out of the creature type.

The giant scorpion stands out in a couple of ways. For one, it makes three attacks with a very low CR. This can overwhelm party members with lower Armor Class. It can also be lethal for unconscious party members. In addition, it is faster than most creatures. It can grapple two party members and then flee with them. The party might not be able to catch up before it uses its stinger to kill them with poison damage.

Giant crocodiles aren't the toughest beasts in the game. They're far from impossible to kill. However, they are capable of doing a lot of damage, and they make two attacks. One uses their tail and can knock creatures prone. The other uses its bite, which grapples targets.

Plenty of movie plots have been turned into Dungeons & Dragons adventures. It's no surprise how one of the most famous movie monsters also exists within the game. As one might imagine, a giant ape is one of D&D's strongest and most dangerous beasts.

Giant apes have low Armor Class, but they more than make up for it with over 150 hit points. In addition, they're one of the few beasts in the game with a ranged attack. When it attacks, a giant ape can swing twice with its fists or throw a large rock at its enemies. These traits together make it a clear threat in a fight.

The huge giant crab is a creature included in the D&D adventure module White Plume Mountain. This specific crab has a significant boost over other beasts. This is due to its special band, which protects it from being charmed, frightened, or paralyzed.

The huge giant crab is a significant physical threat. It has good armor class, and the high hit points and damage of many other beasts. However, its band also makes it more difficult to deal with magically. Being immune to many status effects, there are very few ways to make fighting a huge giant crab easier.

The Ghost Leviathan is highly dangerous even in its juvenile state. With a damage level of 84, this beast is one of the most dangerous in the game. They're the giants of predators, with only one being bigger, the Sea Dragon Leviathan.

Although she shares some traits with her sisters, such as her social awkwardness and a big appetite, Yui is far more innocent and optimistic than both of them, naively unaware of the world outside of her adoptive father's house and labels Syura's enemies as her enemies, slaying them down without mercy. This extreme loyalty seems to extend to allies of Syuras as she respected her superiors and openly defended Boda from Mine on Syura`s orders without further prompting from him. Due to these personality traits, she was considered one of the strongest assassins in the Elite Seven. As a result, she was transferred from the Elite Seven to the Elite Seven Jaegers, originally formed by members of the Elite Seven and chosen to be their leader. She seemed to find Syura and her adoptive father's actions perfectly okay and even enjoyed them on some rare occasions, when asked that question by Syura himself. While she was a naïve person at heart, she had a much darker and aloof side where she was cold and ruthless in battle, usually ending the lives of her enemies as one would expect from a seasoned assassin. Due to being more innately talented than Kurome, she was deemed a more useful person and was raised by the Prime Minister, per the Emperor's orders who had heard of her innate abilities. She was also extremely concerned, or rather obsessed, with pleasing her older adoptive brother, Syura and would become emotionally unstable whenever she felt she was in danger of losing his approval. As Lubbock stated, she was a naïve person who blindly followed the orders of a madman and that he would have raised her better, a statement that almost caused Yui to kill him on the spot.

Along with her sisters Akame and Kurome, Yui was among a group of children sold to the Empire who were forced to participate in a survival exam in a forest full of danger beasts. After the sisters survived by working together, they were drafted into different assassination divisions (because of their superiors reluctance to keep sisters in one group). As the stronger of the twin sisters, Yui is accepted into Gozuki's new Assassin squad, the Elite Seven, and is trained in the arts of espionage and combat, becoming a highly effective killer. The seven were given Shingu, weapons in which the Emperor 400 years ago created in order to surpass the Teigu but failed to surpass them. Yui was given Dark Blade, a Shingu where wounds inflicted by the katana can be healed, but the poison from the blade remains in the blood-stream forever causing the person pain for the rest of their days. After a long unspecified period of time training, the seven were given their first mission.

Boomstick: Well that's a bummer. Esdeath has done lots of things like forming the Jaegers to defeat night raid or try to impress Tatsumi. But she has done lots of cool feats with her ice powers, like freezing giant mountain sized danger beasts or even freezing the entire river. But that isn't even her true strength.

Hydra (Greek Mythology): The now-famous Lernaean Hydra was a four-legged water monster with many heads. It was the offspring of the serpent-footed giant Typhon and lived in the lake of Lerna, with poisonous breath and blood so deadly, even its scent could kill a human.

Note: Some of the animals on this list are dangerous for attacking humans, not necessarily killing them. While that information is difficult to find for each animal, we included the number of attacks or deaths per year that each individual animal caused when we could find that information.

Crocodiles look as vicious as they are. These dinosaur-like reptiles are the eighth-deadliest animal in the world, killing about 1,000 humans each year. Of the 27 crocodile species, seven are extremely dangerous to humans.

Some of the most dangerous snakes live alongside people in areas where access to anti-venom and medical care is limited (such as India). Other snakes, such as pythons or anacondas, will simply squeeze and crush you to death. Oh, and all the cobra has to do is spit venom on your face to kill you.

Guiltylowe (ギルティラウ Girutirau) have the head of a lion, the torso of a horse or goat, a snake-like tail, and a large body capable of blocking a wide passageway. They are known to be a "boss" like beast, often living deep within forests with a high concentration of mana, with some preferring not to needlessly roar like other Demon Beasts. Contrary to their large stature, they lightly move around, silently killing their prey with one blow to their vitals, and are skilled at ambush and assassination like hunting. They are also known as the Jet Black King of the Forest (森の漆黒の王 Mori no Shikkoku no Ō) and Shadow Lion (影獅子 Kage Shishi).

Even though he is irritated by her sarcasm and cold personality, Beast Boy cannot bear the thought of hurting Raven, physically or mentally. There are several instances where Beast Boy was trying to include Raven or be nice to her, but because she declines, he loses his temper and occasionally hurts her feelings, as seen in "Spellbound". But it is shown that despite this, he never wants to hurt her, and is only trying to get her to open up more instead of being locked in her room all the time.Whenever Raven is in danger, Beast Boy seems to be pushed to higher levels and does whatever he can to help her. This is evident in "The Beast Within" and "The End - Part 1", wherein both instances, he transformed into his werebeast form to defend Raven.When the dragon Malchior deceives Raven and breaks her heart, Beast Boy is ultimately the only one who goes to comfort her, and she gives him a tight and sincere hug. However, their tender moment was ruined by Cyborg.

Sometime after, Raven's life was endangered by Adonis, who was turned into a werebeast. Beast Boy undergoes the same transformation and despite having no awareness he had an instinct to save her, while the other Titans thought Beast Boy was the one who attacked her. Beast Boy truly regrets acting like a jerk to her, but Raven tells him that he was not himself, and that she did not take it personally. She expresses her gratitude to him for saving her life and reassures him that his werebeast form is not something to be feared, but of value to the team, and to her.

While they do participate in awesome activities like killing cockroaches, they more frequently participate in not so awesome, sting-and-terrify activities like hiding in shoes, carpet and even pant legs. These beasts of buggy horror can reach up to a foot in length, and while they're not actually deadly to humans, have caused many painful bites and panic attacks with their super-centispeed. 041b061a72


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