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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Teen Blog Orgy

Now before you dive right in, don't forget that it's only OK to look at this video if you're outraged by it. If you're titillated by it then it's illegal. And even if you are outraged, it's only OK to watch it if you're outraged in the exact right way. But, assuming that you do get outraged in the exact right way, then it's perfectly acceptable to watch this clip over and over and over again in all of it's delectable decadence. How else to explain that the only place I could find this clip was on the website of the well known Anti-Teen Sex Orgy group, The Parent's Television Council, at the bottom of a detailed summary of all the hot teen sex acts which must never be permitted onto the nation's airwaves! [Link to the PTC page.]

teen blog orgy

So keep that clear as you watch the Teen Sex Orgy. Yes, it is bad. It is very bad. But more important than that, it is so bad that others must not be permitted to see it. Keep that in mind as you watch it again and again, writing down every hot teen sex act in minute detail.

Pffft. 3 million dollars for that teenage sex orgy video? I can get a better deal at my local adult store. There I can spend $20-$30 for 2 hours of teenage sex orgies. I have to admit though, the music on that CBS clip is far better than anything I can get at the adult video store.

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Entertainment Weekly, clearly nostalgic for the orgy of millenarian list-making, has come up with a list of the 100 Greatest Books of the Last 25 Years. (They have the 100 Greatest Movies, too.) Here are the top 20:

On March 7 NBC's Kate Snow produced a show for "Dateline" titled "My Kid Would Never Bully" involving students, hidden cameras, and actors playing bullies and victims. The teens were told they were participating in a fashion (girls) or athletic (boys) exercise, while the cool-kid actors bullied the vulnerable-kid actors.

Typically, when the president finally troubled to produce his long-form birth certificate, in an orgy of self-congratulation (Chris Matthews counted ten separate chest-pounding boasts), Trump claimed the credit: "Today I am very proud of myself because I have accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish."

Most people are too unsure of themselves and worried about their own status to take on the likes of Trump and McCarthy. Finally, sometimes, a well-positioned individual -- whether it be a teen or a public figure -- will confront the bully. Remember, however, that even Murrow and Eisenhower -- the most powerful newscaster and the most powerful politican in the country -- waited until McCarthy was wounded to strike.

Chicago Assault By Randy Wayne White OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA Copyright 1984 Dell Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved. ISBN: 978-1-5040-2452-5 CHAPTER 1Just minutes before the assassin fired, James Thornton Hawker realized that, instead of arriving late for an exclusive penthouse party, he had arrived early for a flesh orgy.

She studied Hawker in silence for a moment. "Don't patronize me, James. I know what Saul is. I knew when I married him. He's rough and he's crass. I didn't love him. I told him that, but he said it didn't matter. But I did like him. Below that rude exterior of his is a truly kind and gentle person. Ours was a marriage of convenience. I'm the only child of two very dear people who have both suffered very serious health problems. It ruined them financially. I was desperate to help my parents, but I didn't have the way or the means. And then Saul came along. Dear, dear Saul. He courted me like a lovesick teenager. I told him my troubles. He made me an offer. Almost a business offer. If I married him, neither I nor my family would ever have to worry about money again. He was both kind and convincing. I thought it over for a long, agonizing twenty seconds. If I had to be a whore, I at least wanted to be a highly paid whore." She smiled thinly. "But the joke was on me. Saul had no interest in me ... that way. I think he wanted to try on our wedding night, but he just couldn't bring himself to risk ... failure, I guess. He was like a scared little kid. Maybe that's why he shows such bad taste with his crude jokes. And this party. Sex terrifies him. He has no idea of what's acceptable and what isn't." 041b061a72


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