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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Total War Warhammer Best Auto Resolve Army [Extra Quality]

This should result in less punishing outcomes on higher difficult settings, allowing more time for you to focus on the fights that really matter in your campaign for glory. We will continue monitoring the behavior of auto-resolve and making adjustments in future builds.

total war warhammer best auto resolve army

Autoresolve is an option in campaign mode. Instead of manually fighting a battle and controlling the units themselves, players may opt to autoresolve. The game AI uses a set of calculations to compare the two armies and automatically decide which one is the winner.

In every army you will have up to 19 basic units or heroes and only a single lord. So when deciding where to put your skill points, the best course of action would be to pour them into buffing the most units possible.

No matter how carefully you play, sooner or later you will end up in a situation where the auto-resolve says a battle is going to result in heavy losses on your side. Unless your army is particularly weak, I would highly recommend ignoring that and fighting the battle for yourself.

So unlike the auto-resolve that would just wipe all of your units out and barely any of the enemy's, actually fighting your battles will give you a lot more time to recover and rebuild should anything go wrong.

When it comes to the Warhammer series, a single strong army is significantly better than a couple of mediocre ones. The biggest reason is that every lord you hire past the first one increases the total upkeep you pay for all units, which makes even the cheapest armies become a considerable burden on your early-game economy.

Later on once your economy is strong and your territory is far too large to cover in a single turn or two, then you should absolutely get a second or even third army. But for the first third of the campaign, a single strong army with the best units you can afford will do you a great deal of good.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can't beat an enemy army fairly, or if they're just playing keep-away, give the ambush stance a try. Mouse over the map in order to find the spot with the best ambush chance, and then simply set up an ambush there, even if it's in full view of the enemy. The AI cheats in many ways, but when your army is ambushing they are completely invisible to them until spotted... or stumbled upon!

Total War games made touching the auto resolve anathema to me. Having one beaten up stack of peasants absolutely maul a 20 stack army in every game in the series. Never. Never touch auto-resolve. Judging by Neph's result above, I am right and autoresolve remains the idiotic algorithm it always was.

I was just going to say this. Total War long, loooong ago taught me never to trust autoresolve in anything. It's never balanced and always causes you losses you don't want. Same thing happens in Warband/Bannerlord.

I remember autoresolving battles in Rome Total War (the good one, the first one). I lost my emperor, one I had worked on and had killer stats, to a single half strength unit. The army was a full stack, full strength, between 4-7 veteran chevrons on each unit, and the battle was mopping up the last of a rebellion. I had not saved before autoresolving because 'lol this isn't worth fighting real-time'.

Perhaps the feature is in place but still work in progress. Honestly though, i play these kinds of games for the real time battles. The politics and larger map are there to tell a story about why each battle takes place, and what led to them. I find I can only play so many custom battles before I get bored of it, but I can play a campaign battle any time because there's a personal narrative to it. I deeply hope that, in the released product, autoresolve where a strong fleet is running down a single light ship, does not resolve in half my force on the bottom and the light cruiser or DD limping away but still alive and this laughably called a 'victory'.

The one caveat is for late era BB ambush missions, if you're the one ambushing - I've found the auto-resolve to typically sink at least 1 BB, and more importantly, limits the damage to my own DD's. If you do the actual fight, and it's calm seas, a well equipped BB with good training, it's easy to lose the full slate of DDs if you actually try engaging. But yeah... never auto resolve against anything with torps - those seem to have a huge weight in the dice roll.

Its interesting, for me (almost exclusively use autoresolve) I find ships sunk happens, maybe, 1 out of 3-4 battles for either side. Most smaller battles usually only end up with ships damaged. The only way for me to avoid that is go easy mode and take over and do the battles.

Yeah Rome 2 was a huge fail that all the zoomers in their love of Warhammer have forgotten. Rome 1 was king. Autoresolve has always been crap. I don't know what is up with it either across games and genres, but it must be inherently hard to balance. It is just random dice rolls at the end of the day, so there should be a chance, however small, that good units die, you lose, etc. The issue is that it never seems weighted to reality...i.e. your overwhelming force should win 99% of the time, instead of the autoresolve turning it into a crapshoot. I hope UAD optimizes this better, but given the current situation who knows if we will ever see this game completed at all....

I can't imagine WHY it is so hard to balance autoresolve. At the end of the day, giving weight to higher tech level, superior force, and force composition is just number crunching, and if a single unit is regularly taking huge chunks out of a much stronger force, then maybe the devs should be looking at WHY that happens, and fixing it. It's such a ubiquitous problem across all the TW games that it's either intentional (to try to give weight to the AI which is just not good at battlefield tactics), unintentional but not 'important' enough to focus on fixing (which is bad game dev, since I know it's been a source of controversy amongst the TW community, unintentional but they can't figure out the problem (????), or intentional but badly balanced. (>_

At the end of the day I do hope for an autoresolve function that is much deeper and takes into account all of the factors I listed: force comp, tech, time of day and weather, and superior numbers. Speed should also play a role, if a smaller force is faster, then that should allow a greater chance of running away, damage light or none, battle a draw. If the smaller force is slower, then they should be overrun, fight a glorious last stand, and go blub blub blub, maybe taking one ship with them. I'd even love to see a series of choices, a little like an RPG: "The enemy is slower than you. Pursue? (Y/N) "You have chosen to pursue. The enemy puts up a fight but in the end their slower ships and smaller numbers are overwhelmed. You suffered light damage but your experienced captain prevailed with very little (or no) loss of life on your side. Another success on the road to victory!" And then it would give you a tally card like now, showing battle results. That would be a lot more fun, I think, and add to the storytelling side of a campaign. You could do these for a faster enemy, a larger force (engage/flee/'kite'), all kinds of situations. Base the outcomes on chances weighted by the factors I listed. That would be quite excellent, I think.


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