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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Top Football Manager in the World

Top Football Manager: How to Become One and What It Takes

Do you love football and dream of managing a team of stars? Do you want to learn how to create winning tactics, train players, and lead them to glory? Do you wonder how much football managers earn and who are the best in the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

top football manager


In this article, we will explain what a football manager is and what they do. We will also guide you through the steps and requirements to become a football manager. We will also share some tips and skills that you need to succeed in this role. Finally, we will reveal the salary range and ranking of the top football managers in the world. We will also introduce you to the popular Football Manager game that lets you experience the thrill of managing a football club.

So if you are ready to embark on an exciting and rewarding career as a top football manager, read on.

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What is a Football Manager?

A football manager, also known as a coach, is the person who is in charge of a football team. They are responsible for planning and implementing the strategy, tactics, and training of the team. They also oversee the selection, recruitment, and transfer of players. They work closely with the players, staff, and club officials to achieve the best possible results on and off the pitch.

A football manager has many duties and responsibilities, such as:

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  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of their own team and their opponents

  • Designing and conducting training sessions to improve the physical, technical, and mental aspects of the players

  • Choosing the formation, style of play, and starting line-up for each match

  • Making substitutions and tactical adjustments during the match

  • Giving motivational and constructive feedback to the players before, during, and after the match

  • Managing the discipline, morale, and welfare of the players

  • Negotiating contracts and transfers with players and agents

  • Dealing with the media and the fans

  • Keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments in football

How to Become a Football Manager?

If you want to become a football manager, you need to follow some steps and meet some requirements. There is no single or fixed path to becoming a football manager, but generally, you need to have some education, coaching badges, experience, and application.

Here are some of the steps and requirements that you need to consider:

  • Education: Although there is no formal education requirement to become a football manager, having a degree or diploma in sports science, physical education, or a related field can be beneficial. It can help you gain some theoretical and practical knowledge of the sport, as well as develop your analytical and communication skills. Some of the subjects that you can study include anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, and sociology of sport.

Coaching badges: To become a qualified and recognised football coach, you need to obtain some coaching badges or certificates from the relevant football association or federation. These badges are usually divided into different levels, from beginner to advanced, and cover various aspects of coaching, such as technical, tactical, physical, mental, and social. The higher the level of the badge, the more knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate. For example, in England, you need to complete the following levels of coaching badges to become a professional football manager:

  • Level 1: FA Introduction to Coaching Football

  • Level 2: FA Level 2 in Coaching Football

  • Level 3: UEFA B Licence

  • Level 4: UEFA A Licence

  • Level 5: UEFA Pro Licence

  • Experience: To become a successful football manager, you need to have some experience in coaching and managing teams at different levels and age groups. You can start by volunteering or working as an assistant coach at your local club or school. You can also apply for coaching jobs at youth academies or lower-league clubs. You need to build your reputation and network by showing your ability and potential as a coach. You also need to learn from other coaches and managers by observing their methods and styles.

  • Application: To become a football manager at a professional level, you need to apply for vacant positions at clubs that are looking for a new manager. You need to prepare a CV and a cover letter that highlight your qualifications, skills, achievements, and vision as a coach. You also need to prepare for interviews and presentations that showcase your personality, philosophy, and strategy as a manager. You need to impress the club owners, directors, and officials with your knowledge, passion, and ambition.

What Skills Do You Need as a Football Manager?

Being a football manager is not only about having a good knowledge of the game. You also need to have a range of skills that can help you perform your role effectively and efficiently. These skills can be divided into two categories: hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are the technical and practical skills that are related to the specific aspects of coaching and managing a football team. Some of the hard skills that you need as a football manager are:

  • Tactical skills: You need to be able to analyse the game, devise strategies, and adapt to different situations. You need to know how to use different formations, systems, and styles of play to suit your team and your opponents. You also need to be able to make quick and smart decisions during the match.

  • Technical skills: You need to be able to teach and improve the technical abilities of your players, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, tackling, and heading. You need to know how to design and conduct drills and exercises that can enhance the skills of your players. You also need to be able to demonstrate and correct the techniques of your players.

  • Mental skills: You need to be able to motivate and inspire your players, as well as manage their emotions and expectations. You need to know how to set goals, give feedback, and deal with pressure and stress. You also need to be able to handle criticism and conflict.

Soft skills are the interpersonal and communication skills that are related to the human aspects of coaching and managing a football team. Some of the soft skills that you need as a football manager are:

  • Leadership skills: You need to be able to lead by example, influence others, and delegate tasks. You need to know how to create a vision, a culture, and a structure for your team. You also need to be able to manage change and innovation.

Communication skills: You need to be able to communicate clearly, effectively, and respectfully with your players, staff, club officials, media, and fans. You need to know how to use different modes and methods of communication, such as verbal, non-verbal, written, and digital. You also need to be able to listen actively and em


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