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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Ozeki Sms Server Crack 16

  • Improvement (E-mail to sms): A new e-mail parser is introduced for e-mail to SMS forwarding. If you use the built in SMTP server of Ozeki NG to forward e-mail messages as SMS, your system will be able to handle more types of e-mails. The new e-mail parser is able to read e-mails with HTML content, and it is prepared to parse e-mail messages using exotic character sets and encoding options.

  • Improvement (.NET framework): The system has been retargeted from .NET Framework 4.0 to .NET Framework 4.5.2. This upgrade allowed us to include new functionality, and to simplify the code.

ozeki sms server crack 16

  • Improvement: Multiple keywords can be set in case of response parsing of HTTP Client service provider (e.g. error1;error2;error3).

  • Bugfix in SQL Logging: The name of the backup service provider is inserted into database from now.

  • Bugfix in Database user: The gateway checks the ozekimessageout in the given seconds.

  • New feature: Cameroon, MTN ParlayX Connection service provier now support to use the sender name of the originator user

  • Bugfix in Built in SMTP server

  • Bugfix in Twilio Service Provider

Significant performance improvement in the delivery report handling for SMPP usersSignificant performance improvement in all SMS service provider connectionsThe server load monitoring functionality was improved to log and display slow tasks

  • Improvement: Stability improvements at higher message speeds

  • Improvement: Receiveing messages on Sunrise service providers using a different perspective

  • New Feature: Possibility of not trimming the zeroes off of callbackIDs on SMPP service providers

  • Bugfix: Bugfix in built-in SMPP server message parsing

  • BugFix (SMPP provider): Bugfix in delivery report handling.

  • Improvement (HTTP Client Connection): Improvement HTTP basic authentication.

  • Improvement (SNMP monitoring server user): Improvement SNMP trap and SNMP response handling.

Improvement (Logging): It can be configured in the software to compress the rotated log files.Improvement (Email user): The maximum time of timeout can be set at POP3 connection.Bugfix (SMTP): The in-built SMTP server managed empty Subjects incorrectly. This is solved now.Bugfix (Message handling): Small changes performed in deleting old messages.

Improvement (build in SMTP server): Microsoft Exchange logim method is supported.Improvement (VoIP connection): This new release supports STUN and TURN protocols to further improve NAT compatibility.Improvement (VoIP connection): Extended codec support has been added:iLBCG722G729SPEEXGSM

Improvement (VoIP Autodialer): Registration on SIP server supports Cisco call manager. Improvement (MM7): Improved compatibility with REL-5-MM7-1-2 schema.Bugfix (CIMD2): The concatenated message segment order using CIMD2 connection is set to use FIFO, becuase some service providers did not accept concatenated messages segments in case they did not follow each other.Improvement in password handling: Passwords can contain hashmark (#) and other special characters.

Ozeki NG 4.0 is outstanding in performance. We are proud of the new processing engine we have put under the hood. This engine gives even greater performance with less CPU utilization and smaller memory consumption. A change that makes Ozeki NG SMS Gateway an even better choice if you want to install it on a virutal server. Ozeki NG 4.0 is also equipped with excellent Voice capabilities. It can dial telephones through SIP/VoIP connections and can play in previously recorded voice messages or can use text to speech conversion to read in text. It has native support for English text to speech language and it can also use Google's text-to-speech service to read the texts in many languages.Another major improvement of this vesrsion is that messaging capabilites are available via it's new SOAP webservice interface. This interface can serve windows communication foundation (WCF) webservice clients.Some other changes, worth mentinoning are, that the "FTP User" option supports the same "Verbose" file format, that was supported by the file user in previous versions. MM7 loggging supports special (UTF8) caharcters, MM7 Client Certificate identification is added, the parsing of GSM modem WAP Gateway's address works even if it is not in IP:PORT fromatThe new version is based on .NET Framework 4.0

New feature (WCF Client): The Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway now is able to connect to Web Service via WCF connection.Improvement (Outlook Mobile Service): You can set the maximum length of the messages.Improvement (MM7 Connection): New MM7 Schema (REL_5_MM7_1_2_MAXIS).Improvement (MM7 receiving): The HTTP Server service provider connection can accept MM7 messages with binary encoded attachments.Bug fix (Engine): The built in SMTP server blocked the program shutdown in some special cases. This bug is fixed.Bug fix (Engine): Message forward button bug is fixed.Bug fix (Engine): "Collection was modified..." bug is fixed.Bug fix (Engine): "Argument out of Range..." bug is fixed.Bug fix (Accounting): Accounting service doesn't update the current balance. This bug is fixed.Bug fix (Smpp connection): Unicode character decoding issue is fixed.

Bug Fix (SQL database queues): When the message queues were stored in a database server instead of the file system, the system did not load messages in some environments during startup. This bug is fixed.

New feature (FTP user): The FTP to SMS user downloads files from an ftp server periodically and sends its contents as sms messages.Improvement (Addressbook): manages large number of contacts in a simple way.Improvement (MM7 connection): The system is now compatible with the MM7 service of Sabafon Yemen.Improvement (MM7 connection): You can set message subject when you use Kuwait_Wataniya schema.Bug Fix (Outlook Mobile Service): The Outlook Mobile Service webservice registration did not work on some computers.

Improvement (Database user): The SQL command execution timeout can be specified on the Advanced tab of the database user configuration formImprovement (SMPP service provider connection): The ESM and DCS fields can be customized in a more advanced way. The configuration form has been redesigned. If you use SMPP, please review your SMPP configuration, especially the ESM and DCS settings on your configuration form after applying this update!!!Improvement (RSS to SMS): Proxy support was added to make it possible to download RSS feeds even if you are behind a proxy server.

New feature (Outlook Mobile Service): Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to provide Outlook Mobile Service for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007New feautre (SNMP to SMS): The SNMP network management protocol implementations were improvided to provide better SMS alerting and SMS forwardingBug fix (UCP Connection): Incoming message decoding had a bug.Bug fux (SMTP server): The built in SMTP server did not decode the subject line of the e-mail message properly in some cases. This bug is fixed

New feature (SNMP monitoring server user): The software can receive SNMP traps and can send an SMS in case the reported SNMP value matches a certain pattern.New feature (SNMP query user)> The software can query SNMP agents using the SNMP GET request. If the queried value matches a certain patter it can send an SMS.New feature (SMS pdf user): If somebody sends in an e-mail address in an SMS message, the software can e-mail a document to that e-mail address.Bug fix (POP3 server): The built in POP3 server was not compatible with Exchange. Now it works.Improvement (SQL logging): Messages that were rejected due to insufficient credits were not logged as not sent in the SQL logging system. Now they are logged.Improvement (SQL logging): Standard users can only see the Reporting menu item if SQL Logging is enabled.Feature removed (ParlayX wse): The wse based implementation of the ParlayX protocol 2.0 was removed, becuase it had problems due to the underlying technology.In previous beta versions there have been many changes and improvements, please check out the beta tab to see all the new features.

Improvement (Database user): The SQL select template supports keywords to query server clock.Improvement (Sendsms.exe): The command line tool was improved to allow apostrophe in the command line parameters, not just quotation marks.

New feature (CIMD2 connection, tariff class): The CIMD2 connection allows the adjustment of the tariff class parameter. To provide a custom tariff class, in an SQL to SMS configuration, simply add a new column called tariffclass to the ozekimessageout table, and adjust the SQL select template to include this column in the Database user configuration form.

New feature (SQL logging): The update SQL statement that is executed after a message is accepted by the SMSC for delivery, can be extended with a new keyword called $route. This keyword will hold the value, that shows which route was used to select the service provider connection. This keyword is useful to be able to tell if the message was sent through a backup route.New feature (HTTP server user, SMPP user): A new checkbox was added to the configuration form. This checkbox makes it possible to decide if the user is allowed to access the web based graphical user interface of the SMS gateway.Bug fix (UCP service provider connection): Alphanumeric sender ID did not support space. Now it supports it.

New feature (GSM modem connection, GPRS SMS support): Some GSM networks support GPRS SMS to provide better performance for SMS transfer. If your network support GPRS SMS, you can enable the "GPRS SMS Sending" feature on the "Message handling" tab of the GSM Modem configuration form.Improvement (GSM modem connection): Asynchronous status reports and incoming messages are handled better. Originally if an SMS message or a delivery report came in asynchronously through the CMT or CDS method, while another SMS was being sent, the send attempt failed. Thanks to this improvement, this will not happen in this and future releases.Improvement (Graphical user interface): Some unnecessary menu items were removed from the GUI of non-admin users, to simplify the user interface.Improvement (SMPP service provider connection): The servicetype field can be freely defined for each submitted message. (Hint: If you want to use this option in an SQL to SMS gateway configuration, add a servicetype column to the SELECT SQL template, and specify the value of the service type field as a hex string when you insert the message into the ozekimessageout database table.)Bug fix (SQL logging): Delivery reports with status codes reflecting unsuccessful delivery were not logged into the SQL logging database. This bug is fixed.


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