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Jose Rodriguez

How Muqabla in hindi 720p Changed the Face of Indian Cinema

Muqabla in hindi 720p: A Classic Bollywood Movie You Should Watch

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of Muqabla, a 1993 action drama film starring Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, Farha Naaz, and Aditya Pancholi. The movie was directed by Rama Rao Tatineni and produced by Suresh Productions. It was a remake of the Telugu film Gang Leader, which was also directed by Tatineni.

Muqabla in hindi 720p

Muqabla is a movie that has everything you would expect from a typical masala entertainer: romance, comedy, action, drama, music, and dance. It is a movie that showcases Govinda's versatility as an actor and dancer, Karisma Kapoor's charm and beauty, Farha Naaz's talent and grace, and Aditya Pancholi's villainy and charisma. It is a movie that has some memorable songs composed by Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen and sung by Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Sadhana Sargam, and others. It is a movie that received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike and won several awards for its performances and music.

In this article, we will tell you more about Muqabla and why you should watch it in hindi 720p. We will give you a brief overview of the plot, the cast and crew, the songs, the reviews and awards, the legacy, and how to watch it online or download it legally. So sit back and enjoy reading this article about one of the classic Bollywood movies of the 90s.

The Plot of Muqabla

The story of Muqabla revolves around Suraj (Govinda) and Deepak (Aditya Pancholi), two brothers who live a poor lifestyle in a village along with their widowed father (Arun Bakshi), who has always taught them to be honest. Suraj is a simpleton who works as a mechanic in a garage owned by his friend Bheema (Shakti Kapoor), while Deepak is a smart and ambitious guy who wants to make it big in the city. One day, Deepak decides to leave the village and go to Bombay, where he joins a gang of smugglers led by Rana (Shafi Inamdar). He changes his name to Raj and becomes Rana's right-hand man.

Meanwhile, Suraj falls in love with Pooja (Karisma Kapoor), the daughter of a rich businessman named Seth Dhanraj (Dalip Tahil), who is also involved in illegal activities with Rana. Suraj and Pooja elope and get married, but Dhanraj is furious and vows to kill them. He hires a contract killer named Raja (also Govinda), who is a lookalike of Suraj, to assassinate them. However, Raja fails to kill them and instead falls in love with Pooja's sister Shalu (Farha Naaz), who is also in love with him.

The twist comes when Suraj and Raja meet each other and realize that they are long-lost twins who were separated at birth by a cruel nurse (Aruna Irani). They decide to join forces and expose the evil deeds of Rana and Dhanraj. They also have to face their brother Deepak, who is now Raj, and convince him to leave the path of crime and reunite with their family. Will they succeed in their mission? Will they be able to save their love interests from the enemies? Will they be able to bring justice and peace to their lives? Watch Muqabla to find out.

The Cast and Crew of Muqabla

Muqabla boasts of a star-studded cast and crew who have delivered some of their best performances in this movie. Here are some of the main actors and technicians who worked on this movie:






Dual role; nominated for Filmfare Best Actor Award

Karisma Kapoor


Nominated for Filmfare Best Actress Award

Farha Naaz


Aditya Pancholi


Shakti Kapoor


Comic relief; nominated for Filmfare Best Comedian Award

Dalip Tahil

Seth Dhanraj

Main antagonist; nominated for Filmfare Best Villain Award

Shafi Inamdar


Secondary antagonist; died before the release of the movie

Arun Bakshi

Father of Suraj and Deepak

Aruna Irani

Nurse who separated the twins at birth



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