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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Deadly Friend

Friend is a 1985 science fiction horror novel by Diana Henstell. It tells of a 13-year-old boy, Paul "Piggy" Conway, who tries to help a dying friend survive by implanting a microchip into her, only to find that it turns her into a monster. In the book, Conway moves to a small town after his parents get divorced. He befriends a girl named Samantha, but their friendship is cut short when her abusive father throws her down the stairs, mortally injuring her. Piggy tries to save her by implanting a microchip in her, but the reanimated Samantha is much more dangerous than she appears.

Deadly Friend

Teenage prodigy Paul Conway and his mother Jeannie move into their new house in the town of Welling. He soon becomes friends with paperboy Tom Toomey. Living next door to Paul is Samantha Pringle and her abusive, alcoholic father Harry. Paul built a robot named BB, which occasionally displays autonomous behavior, such as being protective of Paul. Paul, Jeannie, and BB meet Paul's professor, Dr. Johanson, at Polytech, a prestigious university where Paul has a scholarship.

Deadly Friend is the story of Paul Conway (Matthew Labyorteaux from Little House on the Prairie). He and his mom move to a new town where Paul will be working at a University. His prized creation is a robot named BB. This bot clearly demonstrates Paul's brilliance. As he's getting acclimated he befriends Tom (Michael Sharrett) and Samantha (Swanson). Paul is instantly smitten with Samantha, and the fact that she has a very mean father doesn't bother him at all. Things take a turn when Sam's father kills her by pushing her down the stairs. Paul, in a very Frankenstein-like way, manages to bring Samantha back from the dead by implanting, essentially, BB's brain into hers. Unbeknownst to Paul, BB isn't as docile as he thinks. In fact, BB can be downright vicious. All of this is foreshadowed before BB's chip is put into Samantha. As you can guess, things become a horror show because the Samantha that Paul once knew is no longer the same person since being resurrected. Soon, a semi-killing spree starts as Samantha seeks to settle old scores with her father and others who have done Paul wrong.

Meanwhile, "M3GAN" has been admired for doing what Craven was trying to do whilst simultaneously acknowledging the fundamental camp of its premise. "M3GAN" has the human melodrama that "Deadly Friend" was going for, but it also takes absolute glee in letting its artificially intelligent surrogate friend go on a murderous rampage. In "M3GAN" the carnage is a feature, not a bug, which was probably wise since if history is any indication, they'd probably have had to go back and add a bunch of mayhem in post if they'd eschewed it.

From director Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream) comes a terrifying tale of technology gone haywire! Lonely teenage genius Paul (Matthew Labyorteaux, Barbarians At The Gate), a specialist in brain research, has two best friends: his remarkable robot ... and the beautiful girl next door (Kristy Swanson, Buffy The Vampire Slayer). When tragedy strikes both of his friends, he desperately tries to save them by pushing technology beyond its mortal limits into a terrifying new realm. Like a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, Paul discovers too late that he has created a rampaging monster! "Deadly Friend is a witty ghoul story ... [it] deliberately teeters on the edge of spoof" (The New York Times).

Wes Craven once said regarding the reasons why re-shoots and adding more graphic death scenes into the film were demanded by the studio: "We started off doing a picture that Warner Bros. indicated they wanted to do, a macabre love story with a twist. About five weeks into the shoot, they realized who I was and told me not to be inhibited by what they had told me in the past... So, in the last weeks of shooting, I made up one little nightmare scene and put it into the film. It was the big hit of the screening. So, then, they came to me and said, 'Listen, what we need is more of that stuff. What we're doing is adding to the deaths of few people, a jump for the beginning, a new closing scene and two nightmares - that sort of Wes Craven touch'." After negative reactions from preview audiences that saw Craven's first cut of the film and wanted a much more grisly film, it was re-edited and the gorier deaths and all of the other re-shot scenes were included, but these scenes only made the film look like a mash-up of two different genres: a family-friendly film and a straight-up horror film. While new scenes were added, others like more scenes between Paul and Samantha that would have made the movie more of a love story as originally intended were deleted for pacing and length because it was decided that the movie was to be released as a fast-paced horror film.

Some of the differences between the original book and the film are; Paul and Tom's nicknames in the book, Piggy and Slime, are never mentioned in the film. In the book, the robot's name is spelled Bee Bee. In the film, Bee Bee is shortened to BB. Elvira's last name in the film is Parker. Her last name in the book is Williams. In the film, Samantha and Paul are in their mid-teens. In the book, Sam is around twelve years old and Paul is only thirteen. In the film, Paul is slim teenager while in the book he is fat. He is also teased in school. In the book there is a ghost character called Lennard that haunts Paul because he was the one that burned him alive in his old school in Boston because Lennard was going to hurt BB. The persona of Dr. Johanson differs greatly between the book and the film. In the film, he is a friendly man who welcomes Paul to the university. In the book, he is old, stubborn, ignorant, and grouchy, clashing with Paul on several occasions and doesn't really cares about him and BB. Character of Sgt. Volchek (one that accidentally shoots and kills Sam by accident in ending of the movie) is talked about more in the book. In the film, Harry's abusing of Sam is given little to no explanation. In the book, Harry's wife and Sam's mother, Grace, left Harry for another man because of his violent ways, thus whenever he abuses Sam, he sees it as him beating Grace because she and Sam look so similar to one another. Samantha's character is also fleshed out more in the book. In the film, Tom recruits Paul, Sam, and BB to help him prank on Elvira. In the book, Tom scares Paul with a haunted house. In the book Paul and Tom steal Sam's body from morgue instead of hospital like in the film because she was already dead. While in the film Sam is revived by Paul who puts BB's microchip into her brain, in the book Sam is resurrected by bolt of lightning. In the film, BB is killed when Elvira blows him apart with a shotgun. In the book, the shotgun is still the instrument of BB's destruction, but it is Samantha's father who wields the weapon, and he beats BB to death with it. In the book, the re-animated Samantha becomes more and more corpse-like as the story progresses. Also her feet are full of rat bites. The infamous basketball decapitation scene is not present in the book. In the book, Sam murders Elvira by drowning her in her bathtub. Sam also kills Tom by stabbing him (he lives in the movie). The ending of the book is totally different from the ending in the film, in which Sam turns into a robot that closely resembles BB before snapping Paul's neck off-screen. In the ending of the book Paul follows Sam into the snow towards the bridge while police is chasing them. While they're on the bridge Sam and Paul are fighting in the rain. Sam is on top of Paul and hugs him and Paul, thinking that Sam is trying to kill him, kicks her so hard that she goes over the railing and crashes through the ice below. Paul then realizes that Sam wasn't trying to kill him and that she was holding him because she still felt love for him and was actually trying to take him with her when she would have jumped anyway, because, "...she did not want to go into the darkness alone. She wanted him with her." Then when Sam yells "Come with me" Paul swan dives off the bridge into the icy water, with the final line of the book being Paul's final thought: "So this is what love comes to".

Samantha "Sam" Pringle, also called "The Deadly Friend", is young dying girl who was turned into a revived, yet riled killing machine because of the computer chip of a remote-controlled robot named BB implanted in her brain by her friend Paul Conway who tried to save her, and she is the main antagonist of both the 1985 sci-fi/horror novel Friend by Diana Henstell and its 1986 sci-fi/horror film adaption Deadly Friend directed by Wes Craven.

College student and science genius Paul Conway and his mother, Jeannie, have just moved into a new city. Paul is studying neurology and artificial intelligence at the local college, and has built a remote-controlled robot named BB, which occasionally shows signs of autonomy. Paul befriends fellow college student Tom, and a girl named Samantha who lives next door to the Conways. Another neighbor to the Conways is a reclusive harridan named Elvira Parker.

For those unfamiliar, it follows a young teenager named Paul who befriends girl next door Samantha. After dying from an incident with her abusive father, Paul manages to save her brain with a robot microchip. Unfortunately, however, he manages to only revive her as an undead killer.

Synopsis: From director Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream) comes a terrifying tale of technology gone haywire! A lonely teenage genius, a specialist in brain research, has two best friends: his remarkable robot and a beautiful girl next door. When tragedy strikes both of his friends, he desperately tries to save them by pushing technology beyond its mortal limits into a terrifying new realm. Like a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, Paul discovers too late that he has created a rampaging monster!

Paul is a new kid in town with a robot named "BB". He befriends Samantha and the three of them have a lot of good times together. That is, until Samantha's abusive father throws her down some stairs and kills her. In an effort to save her life, Paul implants BB's computer brain into Samantha's human brain. 041b061a72


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