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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Art Models 3: Life Nude Photos For The Visual Arts

While no book can replace a live model, this photographic guide to the human form provides a diverse selection of figures for those who do not have access to live models. Posed in a variety of classical and modern modes, the models are set in a clear, clean environment that is void of distractions and enhances the figure. All of the high-resolution photographs were painstakingly edited and adjusted to yield all the nuances of the figures. The companion disc contains 24 photographs per pose that, in totality, comprises a full 360 degree view. Each angle of every pose can be enlarged, enabling artists to zoom in on specific body parts to discover their intricate detail or project the photos to life-like proportions.

Art Models 3: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts

FINE 100sFINE 100 STU 0.50Course ID: 013490Studio FundamentalsThis course introduces the basic principles of drawing as it relates to concepts of 2D, 3D, and time-based media, through a series of drawing exercises and projects. [Note: This course is primarily for students who are considering a Fine Arts studio academic plan. It includes a significant component of mandatory life drawing from the nude model. Please see the Fine Arts academic plans concerning admission to upper-level studio courses.]

The artists working for these New Deal programs employed a range of visual styles, although most of the artworks they produced would fit into the American Scene or Social Realist schools. The WPA/FAP also cultivated stylistically experimental works that greatly influenced the subsequent development of art in America. The subjects selected for New Deal artworks were often place-based, frequently depicted historical events, or else represented some aspect of modern life. For example, an artwork might picture Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen forging cannon balls, while another would celebrate the recent construction of an electric power plant in rural Montana. Despite many of the artists' interest in contemporary society, they tended to avoid pointed depictions of the hardships and grittiness of the Depression. 041b061a72


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