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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Lesbian Speculum Girls

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Utilizing examples from recent art, we critique Greta Gaard's argument that an inclusive ecofeminism must account for the role played by erotophobia in oppression. We suggest that while Gaard offers valuable insight into how fear of the erotic contributes to maintaining heteropatriarchal institutions, it fails to account for forms of oppression specific to lesbians. Moreover, Gaard's analysis unwittingly reinforces the conceptual, hence political, economic, and social invisibility of lesbians that, following Marilyn Frye, we argue is not merely consequent to compulsory heterosexuality, but constitutive of it. Lastly, we sketch a lesbian erotic whose potential for generating conceptual dissonance within heteropatriarchal value dualism contains the seeds of a creative "sensibility" out of which a genuinely queer ecofeminism might emerge.

In "Toward a Queer Ecofeminism" (Hypatia 12.1), Greta Gaard argues that because heteropatriarchy (and hence homophobia) is intimately linked to antifeminism and antienvironmentalism, it is not enough to undertake critical analyses of either of the latter without simultaneously addressing the former. Moreover, given the link between theory and practice intrinsic to the feminist, environmental, and lesbian/gay rights movements, political action must either be collective or risk repeated failure. As Gaard put it, "all forms of oppression are now so inextricably linked that liberation efforts must be aimed at dismantling the system itself." (1) She thus agrees with Catriona Sandilands that if our aim is to articulate a robust and comprehensive ecofeminism, it's not enough to "just add queers and stir." (2) 041b061a72


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