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Tropico 2: Pirate Cove _TOP_ Download PC Game

So, who was the greatest pirate ever? Hook? Morgan? Silver? Solo? If seeking the answer to this question is high on your list of priorities, then Tropico 2: Pirate Cove could well be the game for you.

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove Download PC Game

The good news is that Tropico 2 seems to offer a lot more in the way of defined gameplay. As a sort of hedonistic cross between Sim City, Zeus: Master of Olympus and, er... some pirate-type stuff, the entire game is based on establishing a hearty pirate empire.

I always harp on about the fun factor in a game, because above everything else, I think this is the predominant feature in any good game and that is something Tropico 2 delivers on. Whether you're press-ganging captives into becoming pirates, breeding parrots, or resurrecting the dead to become zombie workers, you'll have a lot of fun playing at being pirates.

As far as strategy and scope are concerned, Pirate's Cove is more limited than its predecessor, mainly because ofits piratical theme. The original game could have you specialising in tourism -and pirates have, throughout the years, been consistently indifferent to the tourist industry.

About two years ago, Poptop Software released a quirky banana republic management game called Tropico. Praised widely for its characterful presentation and fantastic Lou Bega soundtrack, it has now thankfully spawned a sequel. This time, it's developed by Frog City Games (the people behind the Imperialism games). Rather than Tropico's roughly contemporary Fidel Castro setting, Tropico 2 steps back to the 17th Century, but maintains the same rough geographical location, being set in a pirate-filled Caribbean Sea.

If you've ever wanted to rule a desert island, Tropico 2 might well be the game for you. The player takes the role of a pirate king, with an island economy based on captive slave labour and geared towards satisfying the many needs of your pirate subjects, these being chiefly food, alcohol, wenches, tobacco and firearms. What more is there to life, we wonder? You can build ships and send your pirate crews out to terrorise the Spanish Main, preying on the English, Spanish or French ships passing through the area or raiding their settlements.

There are also a wide variety of edicts available for you to impose on your population. These cover all sorts of eventualities, and provide everything from ways for you to keep control of your population (by ordering random executions or throwing a party for your pirates) to making peace with other nations. All these are well explained in the game's excellent informational boxes - there's no guessing about the possible positive or negative implications of an edict.

Seeing as pirates seem to be quite en vogue at present, Tropico 2's release is certainly timely. Thankfully, the new theme manages to be just as endearing as the original game's. Your pirates swagger about the island full of personality, and the captives have an appropriately hangdog look to them, too. Like the earlier game (and others, such as The Sims) you can click on a person and get a list of their recent thoughts, which can often help pin down problems in your island's management.

This is due, in part at least, to the way the game treats its subject matter. Much more than the original Tropico, Pirate Cove takes liberties with its setting and characters, presenting believable history when it's convenient to the overall game design and unabashed revision when it is not. The game's main characters are a homogenized mix of actual pirates from the 18th and 19th centuries and made-up sailors from popular works of fiction. The Pirate Cove characters seem designed primarily to be fun and comfortable to play with. They don't represent an accurate simulation of 17th century Caribbean culture; certainly not in the same way that the original Tropico put forth its 20th century version of the region.

The odd mix of racy subject matter and political correction in Pirate Cove is entertaining and consistent, but lacks the straight-faced presentation that added an edgy layer of authenticity to the original Tropico. It is not that the sequel's characters are bland. It could be said that these pirates and captives have even more personality than the inhabitants of the first Tropico game, but in the same way that a comic book superhero has more personality than a real-life police officer. The characters in Pirate Cove are designed to fit the gameplay -- not the other way around -- and because of this, it is easier to think of them theoretically, as pieces to be placed around a game board, instead of little virtual people with human wants and needs.

Aside from the setting and characters, a few changes to the gameplay itself also make Pirate Cove feel more abstract, and less like a direct representation of island management. As insignificant as it may sound, the most important gameplay modification concerns roads. Unlike the slow but more realistic development model of the original Tropico, nearly all structures in Pirate Cove must be built with road access. Island citizens, both captives and pirates, use these roads almost exclusively to move around the island. Roads are now free of cost and they can be laid down instantly, so the player doesn't need to spend resources or wait several game months for workers to get around to building them.

This change makes Pirate Cove reminiscent of an old Impressions city-building game, such as Caesar or Pharaoh. Actually it might be more accurate to say this Tropico sequel plays like we always wished the Impressions games did. Even though traffic can be easily steered by the wise placement of roads, Pirate Cove characters have good AI and never fall victim to the woes of Impressions' simplistic one-way walkers. Pirate Cove's new system of instant road creation gives players much more control over the way their subjects move around the island. This is very important, because Pirate Cove's two types of inhabitants, captives and pirates, react very differently according to the environments through which they walk.

Aside from the obvious but mostly inconsequential differences in content, and the minor but far-reaching modifications to the methods of island development, much of what made the original Tropico so engaging is left intact here. The dynamic island ecology, the building-by-building methods of labor management, and even the impressively accessible online journal of game information all look, feel, and function just as they did in the original game. Like any pirate worth his grog, Tropico 2 commandeers the best assets of its predecessor. It adapts to what is already there far more as often than it revolutionizes, or builds anything new of its own.

Avast ye mangy sea dogs! Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp? If you have and you want more pirate action, check out Tropico 2: Pirate Cove. Tropico 2 is a sim game where you get to control an island full of scurvy pirates and try to make a fortune doing it. You can score this free video game download, and before you know it, you'll be up to your elbows in

Though much of it is based on the original Tropico, the gameplay is very different. The player runs a pirate island and, as the Pirate King, must keep the pirates happy while stealing as much booty as possible. Workers, called captives, are taken on raids, from shipwrecks off the player's island, or from nations with which an alliance has been established. They are the lifeblood of the economy, and all constructions and productions are done by their hands. View full review They can take on most of the jobs available, including farmer, lumberjack, and blacksmith, and can even be promoted to a pirate. Skilled captives may be able to perform more specialized jobs which unskilled captives cannot. Still, the main goal of the game, other than the objectives stated in a scenario, is to stay in power, much like the original Tropico. Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Download free Full Version.

Developed by Frog City Software, this sequel to Tropico shares many elements with its predecessor, while deviating in others. As pirate king, the player rules over a tropical island and is tasked with amassing resources, building up the island's infrastructure, and managing its inhabitants. Additionally, the main source of income is in pirate raids, wherein your ships are sent to patrol various ocean routes to commit piracy. The goal, as ever, is to stay in power for the full duration of the game while fulfilling any number of side goals.

Ahoy there, you salty sea dog! If you're looking for the best pirate games on PC, then you're in the right place. Below, we've listed our favourite pirate game adventures, where you'll need to master the sword, the art of thievery, and the quest for treasure. Aye, even being a pirate in space counts; swashbucklin' ain't reserved for just the seven seas.

To qualify as one of our best pirate game picks, it must be set in either colonial times or space, has pirates in it either alive or dead, and in most cases contains references to looking for treasure or salvage alongside ship combat, or having a crew/fleet of ships to manage. Simple, really, so let's dive right in.

The best pirate game to start off with has to be one of the Monkey Island series, and for us, it's a tight toss-up between the first three games. We've gone with The Curse of Monkey Island because it best combines the humour the series is known for, while also having the best representation of bein' a pirate.

For those buccaneers who have a crew of friends, Sea Of Thieves is the ideal pirate game. It tests all the necessary genre skills: duelling with swords, firing cannons, and firing your crew out of cannons. There's also a lot of plunder waiting to be dug up and placed in your hold, before being taken back for rewards and upgrades to... your ship's cannons.

Sea Of Thieves is an open-world multiplayer game, so naturally, there's a deep emphasis on ship-to-ship combat against rival pirate crews. Before long, one crew will be sent to Davey Jones's locker, while the other will be gathering all the spoils. It's a bit of a long haul and one you'll need a reliable crew to get the most from, but thankfully the Xbox Game Pass includes Sea Of Thieves, so the barrier to entry isn't massive, and the community is atypically friendly. 041b061a72


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