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[S3E7] Fresh Blood

To lend a strong air of realism to Gordon's death, the scene was created by combining various special effects during filming with post-production visual effects. Plastic razor wire with blood tubing aided in the initial phases of the decapitation; it would slightly sink into Brown's neck as pressure was applied, forcing out the fake blood. For the aftermath, Brown laid down on the floor, and the visual effects department removed his head from the shot and recreated it as a three-dimensional model. The department decided to "push it a little bit farther" by having the head rocking into place and the mouth twitching,[11] but Standards and Practices found it too graphic and forced them to remove the motion.[10] Established in the first-season episode "Dead Man's Blood" were the shark-like teeth of vampires, and the design has been subtly improved with each vampire episode.[11] Though the special effects makeup department used molds of the actors' mouths to create the fanged acrylic dentures,[1][11] McNab noted that it was very difficult to speak while wearing them. Blood-like makeup around the actors' mouths helped to round out the vampiric visages.[1]

[S3E7] Fresh Blood


In its original broadcast, "Fresh Blood" was viewed by an estimated 2.88 million viewers.[13] The episode received generally positive reviews from critics. Tina Charles of TV Guide praised the episode, commenting that "it was really nice to get an enjoyable episode high on intensity, brotherly interaction, blood and gore". Although she had grown a "tad bit weary" of the character's continuous attempts to kill Sam, she was still "really sorry to see Sterling and Gordy go". Charles felt that his transformation was a "good twist", and liked that his "black-and-white beliefs" remained the same even after becoming a vampire. She also enjoyed the character of Lucy and her "really sad" ending, and wished that McNab's role had been larger. It was noted that the "brotherly interaction was front and center", and Charles was "beyond happy" that Sam confronted Dean about his behavior. The "moment that [she had] been waiting for all season long" finally came to be when Dean took Sam seriously and actually listened to him instead of replying with sarcasm. Charles also deemed the final scene with the brothers to be "just heartbreaking".[14] Likewise, Karla Peterson of The San Diego Union-Tribune not only gave the episode an A+,[15] but ranked it as the sixth-best episode of the 2007-2008 television season.[16] She praised writer Sera Gamble and director Kim Manners for "creating the best bonding scene we've had all season", and lauded Padalecki and Ackles for "making us care so much and believe so fully that a scene like this can leave us gasping".[15]

In the basement where Lorena is still torturing Bill, the distraction of Sookie's unusually delicious blood opens the door for Bill to get the drop on Lorena. He uses his last bit of strength to throw his silver chains around her neck, which leads to her death by staking courtesy of Sookie. Tara then shows up with Alcide but Sookie refuses to leave without Bill.

As they are wrapping Bill up for daylight transit, Alcide's ex Debbie enters with a revolver. Tara think-tells Sookie to create a distraction, during which she tackles Debbie - Alcide recovers the gun, Cooter enters, and charges Alcide, who shoots him. Cooter continues to charge toward Alcide, who shoots him again, this time in the head, killing him. Debbie flips out and goes after a still-armed Alcide who locks her in the basement. As they make a getaway, Sookie rides with Bill in the back of Alcide's work van, and after giving him some of her blood, she is attacked by the dying, starving and half-crazed Bill.

Alcide stops the van to answer nature's call, and Tara gets no response from Sookie when she knocks on the van's rear panel door. Opening the door reveals a confused Bill next to an unconscious, and covered in blood Sookie. A "V" charged Tara kicks Bill out into the sunlight, and to his own amazement, he does not burst into flames but merely begins to smoke a little.

Tara calls Jason to tell him about Sookie, and he rushes to her bedside telling her how much he needs her, with Tara joining him in his sentiment. As Sookie's next of kin, he is not sure how to handle the situation, but reveals that he has a normal blood type, that Sookie has never been sick, and that she was not born in a hospital.

Claudine asks Sookie to promise not to give her light to the darkness. In the background one of the other people in Sookie's "dream" says in a frightened voice, "I've never seen a vampire before." Back in the waking world, Bill convinces Jason to let him heal Sookie with his blood, obviously against Tara's better judgment. Sookie later wakes up to Bill and screams, her last conscious memory being that of Bill attacking her.

Eric takes Sookie's cousin Hadley to Queen Sophie-Anne and tries to get information about Sookie by draining Hadley. On the verge of death, Hadley suddenly tells Eric what it is that makes Sookie so special, which seems to surprise him. Eric gives Hadley his blood to heal her.

The Magister is still torturing Pam in the basement at Fangtasia when her maker, Eric, shows up with the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, and Queen Sophie-Anne, revealing that the queen had ordered Eric to sell vampire blood. Edgington denounces his loyalty to The Authority, and forces the Magister to marry him to the queen. As the king and his party turn to leave, the Magister continues his antagonism, and the king decapitates him which causes his true death.

Gordon has broken out of jail and seeks out Bela in order to get information on the location of the Winchester brothers. As he zeros in on their location, Albany, New York, Dean and Sam hunt down a vampire who is turning young blondes by offering vampire blood as the hottest new drug. Gordon comes into his path but gets turned, leaving the brothers to kill him.

Sam and Dean capture a female vampire named Lucy who claims to have no knowledge of how she became a vampire. The guys discover Dixon, a male vampire, is giving out human blood to unsuspecting females in bars, offering it up as the "latest drug" and turning them all into vampires. Meanwhile, Gordon escapes from jail and goes after Sam. However, Dixon intercepts Gordon and turns him into a vampire, which makes Gordon more powerful than before and a much bigger threat to Sam.

Big Sky Season 3 has been a breath of fresh air overall, but certain stories have been moving slowly. Namely, everything happening out at the campsite. But that all changes on Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7.

Can we discuss that break-in briefly because what in the hell was Denise thinking? Since when do we follow blood trails and strange noises instead of running for our lives outside where the other humans are?

Blair's old boyfriend, the meth maker, comes with all kinds of information I guess the police just didn't think much of back when it was still fresh in his mind. But Beau and Jenny are a bit more thorough, and suddenly all roads lead to Blair's father, who, SURPRISE, is already in a shed with Cassie.

And in the blink of an eye, everyone is back at Sept-Tours tucking Matthew into his cosy bed. Ysabeau drips some blood into his mouth and Hamish reads him some Rilke while the others worry by the fire. Diana sleeps in a chair next to the bed.

Matthew, Benjamin and Jack all had enough daemon DNA to trigger the blood rage gene. Diana mentions that according to The Book of Life, weavers are born from unions of witches and daemons. Then the daemon DNA the weavers and blood raged vampires carry allows them to create Bright Born children.

Sunny kneels over Mary's body while Buck, holding his bloody knife, repeats, "Oh, God! Oh, God!" He'd killed her to protect Sunny since Mary had found Paige's bag. He wants to know if Walter killed Paige, and Sunny tells him that she doesn't know but he could have. They decide that the best thing to do would be to concoct a story blaming Luke, already suspected in Paige's disappearance, for Mary's murder.

The police are at the detective agency checking the surveillance cameras, but there is little evidence since he wore a ski mask.He cut himself on the glass so there was blood left behind and he'd been looking at information on the Bleeding Heart Murder. Seeing Denise standing by her desk looking subdued and somber, Beau offers her a hug and promises they'll find the guy. Cassie is also struggling as the incident brings back memories of her dad. Jenny offers them space at the sheriff's station. Denise reveals that she'd posted a message on a forum dedicated to the Bleeding Heart Murder. It was one of the first posts since 2012. The intruder wants attention: the backpacker's body was found near the site of the girl's murder. So is the Bleeding Heart murderer back? "Maybe he never left," says Cassie. They leave the building, and our viewpoint shifts to the interior of a car. An unknown person is watching them from across the street.

Sunny and Buck drag Mary's body to another spot. She sprawls on the ground, arm outstretched, head lolled to the side, as the older couple decide to bring the campers on a night hike under the super moon. They'll lead them by Mary's body where someone is sure to spot it, and Luke will be blamed. Sunny plans on sneaking back into camp and getting Paige's cell phone. "I just hate this. I hate it!" Sunny declares as she walks off. Buck contemplates the young woman lying at his feet, reaches out to pat her hair, and tells her that he admires her for her sharpness. Standing, he sees her blood still on his hand and starts to wipe it with his bandana. Then he lifts the back of his hand to his nose and sniffs deeply.

Beau, Cassie and Jenny are looking at old pictures of Blaire Lucan and her boyfriend from the prom the night she was murdered. Her heart was carved out with a knife with a curved blade, though the weapon was never found. It's possible that there were at least three other unsolved murders connected to Paige's murder. As they look through the cold case files, they realize that one is missing - person of interest D - last checked out by a now-retired detective, Roman Cobb. They plan to go pay him a visit, but then Cassie spots another picture in the file - a creepy heart carved into the bark of a tree. She saw a freshly carved heart near where the Suburban was set on fire, and she's begun to map some of the spots where she'd seen other hearts carved. Beau remembers that there was a heart also carved into the figurine found on the backpacker's body. "So he starts carving hearts after all these years? Maybe this is his hunting ground," says Jenny. "Maybe I should pull Emily out of that camp," adds Beau. Cassie plans on going to the trailhead to find the heart carved from years ago. 041b061a72


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