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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Chicken Cacciatore Italian Style Recipe

This Chicken Cacciatore recipe is an easy throw-together-meal with the most delicious sauce full of incredible flavours! Garlic, bell peppers, onions, carrots and olives swimming in a rustic tomato Cacciatore sauce, simmering and soaking into juicy chicken thighs until they fall off the bone and melt in your mouth!

chicken cacciatore italian style recipe

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This is a delicious and authnetic recipe. White wine works just as well as red, depending on your mood and what you have on hand. To those suggesting that it takes two hours to prepare, I would suggest multi-tasking: cut your onions and carrots while the chicken browns. Cut your garlic and mushrooms while the onions and carrots wilt. And so on.

Plan on having the Pastor and his mother over for dinner . I love him but he is very hard to cook for.. Not much that he will eat..Vegetables are a no no except raw carrots potatoes and green beans He does like chicken cacciatore and I have been searching for a recipe for ever . This sounds yummy and I am sure he will love it. I know that I will. Thank you so much. Subscribed to your site and looking forward to more recipes.

I love red wine! Any of your favorite flavor of red wine that you have is perfect for this recipe. You are not adding a lot but just enough to have that added sweetness and flavor in this chicken. Thanks so much for following along with me! Enjoy your chicken!

This chicken cacciatore recipe looks wonderful; however, I did notice it has a lot of cholesterol in it. I am hoping using boneless, skinless chicken breasts will create a less cholesterol-heavy dish. Will have to try it! While we are trying to reduce carbos, as most of us should, we still have to watch the fats!

Absolutely fantastic! Received rave reviews from hubby and friend last night. Made stove top style and followed recipe exactly, except I omitted parsley and olives. So glad I have left-overs. Definitely a keeper!

This recipe turned out great! I made extra and froze the sauce, to which i will add chicken later. I added a fair amount (1/2 cup) of sugar to balance the acid and tannins of the tomatoes and red wine. I also added leeks in addition to the onions, and used chicken drums. Finally, I used kalamata olives in a hot pepper infused oil from grocery store. (By the way, for your posters, the alcohol in wine (or any liquor) is eliminated in the heat of cooking.)

Hello Florentina I was just subscribing to your newsletter and saw the chicken cacciatore recipe and was wondering can this meal be made in a crock-pot as I do not have a cast iron dutch oven I was going to do some of the beginning of the cooking in a saute pan then transfer the rest to the crock-pot and cook on high for, I would imagine 6-8 hours I am Italian and wanted to try my hand at some of your recipes they all sound delicious Thank you Sincerely Robert

Thank you so much Angela, and welcome, so happy you are here !You can definitely make the chicken cacciatore with chicken breasts only. I would however cook them bone in and skin on to keep them from drying out, and once the chicken is cooked to your liking remove it from the sauce and discard the skin and bones before the kids sees it ?Continue to reduce the sauce until concentrated to your preference then add the chicken breast back into the pot. Let me know if that trick works Florentina

We made this chicken cacciatore a few times now, the red wine gravy is my favorite. I like the white wine version too but the red wine has more depth in my opinion. I also added a bunch of black olives because we are olive lovers. Probably our most favorite recipe to date. Incredibly delicious!

Florentina,This is the absolutely best recipe for chicken cacciatore that I have ever encountered. But, a question: if the batman liked olives, would you use green or black? And what about capers?

I do appreciate comments about saving time BUT, if you really want well-developed flavor I think it is essential to brown the chicken first. My Nonna always did that and I think it improves the recipe.

Some people greatly increase the amount of celery, carrots and onion to make a vegetable sauce. Others cook chicken with white wine and some with red wine. Some prefer chicken cacciatore without tomatoes. Others add olives, parsley, mushrooms or peppers.

My family love Italian pasta recipes. Having grown up in New England, we had chicken cacciatore at times. Living here in South Fla. very few restaurants offer Chicken Cacciatore.I am anxious to try this recipe. I remember green peppers were included in the ingredients, I do not remember the carrots.Do you have a good recipe for lasagna?Thanks you for sharing

Marie . . . You are the Greatest. I have a dear friend that likes to compete with my cooking. She is a great cook.I forwarded your website to her husband who is my best friend. When they saw your recipe for Chicken Cacciatoreshe told her husband . . . I finally can make a recipe to outdo yours truly. I had also saw your recipe and as things went she made it before I did. It has been years since I made chicken cacciatore and I must say . . . your recipe outdoes what I had made . . . hands down. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This Chicken Cacciatore recipe outdoes any other.Your Web/Site is the Greatest Ever. All the mail you receive is posiitive proof of that.

Hey Marie, great recipe I like how u use the whole chicken instead of all legs and thighs like some because in southern Italy when they prepare this hunter style chicken they use whole chickens, rustic and authentic, only way to get more real is to kill your own chicken, joking, so my question is, when u said to cut each breast in half do u mean just the normal split or are you cutting each split breast in half again, if so do you cut it width wise thru the rib bones?thanks, this would go great on top of polenta

Cacciatore is one of my most favorite dishes. This recipe is super. The mushroom blend is interesting. Still I prefer the more Italian style less tomato saucy. It works better with other meats like pork or veal chops. It is possible to make cacciatore in the slow cooker or crockpot but the roasted flavor is lost. The taste is more luke stew then.

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