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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Pinty Night

Alan at Bristol Motor Speedway: Alan makes his second-career start at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday night and his first on the dirt-covered, half-mile oval. Alan made his Bristol debut last September with Niece Motorsports, recording an 18th-place finish after starting 25th.

Pinty Night

In two previous starts on the asphalt, Hocevar ran to a 17th-place finish in 2020 before securing a top-10 finish with a sixth-place showing in his rookie year a season ago. Hocevar led six laps in the Bristol night race last September and held an average running position of ninth on the night.

The Stiener products are military grade and some of the best. Especially when you are looking at the IR lasers and illuminstors. I have been using one for several years now on my nuisance animal set up with an old AtN night optic. I have had no issues with the illuminator or laser with the night optic. In fact I got the Stiener unit because the IR illuminator that came with the ATN optic was good but could be better. The optic is a 2012 I think and works great for my needs. But the Illuminator is not so good past maybe 50 yards . So I figured in 2016 that I would get an additional IR Illuminator and a IR laser but from a cost point I would be better off going with an all in one unit that I was familiar with and picked up a Stiener that was a day and night compatible unit. Now the laser and illuminator is more powerful than my night optic but thats not a big deal since I am just shooting at a max range of 100 to 200 yards and its just fine for taking some pigs , coyotes, and any other trouble makers causing problems at night around the cabin . Also the night optic is only a first generation optic that cost around $400 when new. I didnt want to spend a pile of money on a better generation for an optic that is only used a few times a year when I am at the cabin. When I see some pig damage or coyote tracks and or I hear them yipping to their friends. But I would definitely say that if you can afford the Stiener go for it and it will probably be strong enough for anything that you are doing as a civilian or even in a law enforcement application.

Three $10,000-to-win events at Ohsweken Speedway are prominent on the schedule, as the 16th, 17th, and 18th editions of the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals will all be contested in the same season. The season will kick off with a pair of races centred around the Canada Day holiday, with a Thursday night event at Humberstone Speedway on June 30, followed by the 16th running of the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals at Ohsweken on July 1.

The Knights of Thunder season will again conclude with The Fall Classic weekend at Humberstone Speedway, including a $2,000-to-win race slated for Friday, September 30, and $3,000-to-win on Saturday, October 1.

Partly cloudy and cooler Sunday (with less wind). Partly cloudy and warmer Monday with a chance of spotty showers. There's a chance of scattered showers Tuesday and scattered thunderstorms Wednesday. The bulk of the rain with next week's weather maker may hold off until Wednesday night into Thursday.

A passerby who spotted a Hants County garage on fire late at night is being commended for their quick thinking.Around 11:30 p.m. March 18, Hants County firefighters were paged out to a garage fire in Upper Falmouth.When the page went off, one of ...

It is a trade off on a lot of things and I am going about 300K down the straight, so I am having fun. Another big change for me is constantly looking in the mirror for faster cars coming up on you. In V8 Supercars all of the cars a pretty equal so you are focused forward. You try to pass people and you have a prototype coming around you on the outside. I got a good handle on it during the day and then had to relearn my reference points during the night. I am the third tallest driver in the car, normally I have to compromise for the smaller guys, so that is pretty cool for me." 041b061a72


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