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Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez

Long Live The Princess [v1.0.0 Patreon] [APK]

my problem too where i live is any game where a drawn/animated nipple already let alone a naked pussy is in a game it gets completly banned from my country over steam, i created a subscribestar account because i thought i could pay there with paypal, but only credit card/debit card, right now im waging if there is much new worth the 15 bucks, i got the older version where it was for free, and 15+ bucks i cant afford for any game since i have to turn every penny arround so for me im waging arround right now if i reduce something else to buy it here or get a workarround, but some countrys are just outdaded witht hte laws, and steam dont care much at all, they just said from where i am "they dont have any possibility to confirm our ages", and relys mostly its just broken, when i put my orginial birth date it steam cant remember it but when i put just a diffrent year in and let day and month as its preset, it can save that infos, its just for some countrys broken as hell, thats why i hoped there would be a patreon account where you can at least pay with paypal

Long Live the Princess [v1.0.0 patreon] [APK]




Hi fan quilling, yuk share hasil kreatifitas kalian di group...


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