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SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1

The games are straight-forward arcade ports, with the addition of certain "goals" for the games, which act like achievements. Clearing these goals unlocks hidden features in the disc, such as artwork, music, move lists (for the fighting games) and gameplay videos (which showcase hidden locations within the games.)

SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1

The real flaw in this title is that SNK has pulled principally from their pre-1995 library, with only three titles (Metal Slug, Neo Turf Masters, Shock Troopers) breaking this theme, and it shows. When SNK named this "Arcade Classics," they weren't kidding; almost every game on this playlist was intended to be what was often referred to as a "quarter muncher." For the uninitiated, these were machines that were put into actual brick-and-mortar arcades and were not intended to be games that you could beat with a quarter or two ... or even four. The difficulty levels were often ramped up so high that players would have to pump a seemingly endless stream of quarters into the machine if they wanted to see the final fruits of their labor. The real problem with this is that games of this ilk don't translate particularly well onto console systems; players would ideally be limited in the number of continues they could use. However, "Free Play" mode takes a game whose difficulty was principally due to its limited access and removes that limitation. This makes the games far too easy; with the exception of Samurai Shodown, I was capable of beating each game in a half-hour and with sufficient patience. 041b061a72


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