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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

A Glossary Of Semantics And Pragmatics (Glossar...

The study of linguistic symbols. Following C. W. Morris, it is customary to divide formal semantics into three areas: (1) Syntax, the study of the relations between symbols. The study of the ways in which the symbols of a given language can be combined to form well-formed formulas is one part of syntax. (2) Semantics, the study of the interpretation of symbols. Following W. V. Quine, it is customary to distinguish between the theory of reference, which studies the reference or denotation of symbols, and the theory of meaning, which studies the sense or connotation of symbols. (3) Pragmatics, the study of the relations between symbols, the users of symbols, and the environment of the users. Thus, the study of the conditions in which a speaker uses a given word is part of pragmatics. See entry "Semantics."

A Glossary of Semantics and Pragmatics (Glossar...

One of the most important tasks performed by lawyers and judges is the "interpretation" of legal texts, including constitutions, statutes, regulations, rules, contracts, and the list goes on. One aspect of communication involves the linguistic meaning the words and phrases that make up the text: this aspect of meaning is sometimes called "semantics." The bare semantic meaning of a legal text is sometimes called the "literal meaning." But the whole meaning of a text almost always is richer than the literal meaning. We might ask, "Where does the 'extra' meaning come from?" The answer to that question is context. The role of context in the production of meanings is called "pragmatics" by philosophers of language and linguistic theorists. 041b061a72


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